19 April 2011

Tasty Tuesdays: The Spring InterKitcheNet

Hello lovelies, welcome to a brand new feature here on GO1000F. Tasty Tuesdays! I'm just killing you with the day-o-the-week alliteration, aren't I?

tasty tuesday are going to be a blast, oh yes they are! I'm very excited about them and you should be too because they're all about one of the best thing on the planet- food! Every tuesday I will be posting something fun and food related. I used to do recipes all the time on this blog (just click the recipe box icon on the right and you will see what I mean!), so there will be plenty more of those, but you might also find a restaurant review (I'll try to review restaurants outside of arizona as well so that you all can find some closer to you), a product review, a list of my go-to recipes, or something I've decided to title the InterKitcheNet, which will be made up of themed lists of recipes around the internet that I've been gawking over the past week. Are you pumped yet? I know I am.

Since I'm all in the spirit of spring, today's InterKitcheNet is all about spring time recipes! pastel colored treats and herby quiches and lemony cocktails have been flooding the internet and my google reader for days now, and they are all soo drool-worthy. I urge you to check these out! Just click on the title above each picture :)

Noble Pig's Roasted Radish Potato Salad. I revolt against mayonnaise-drowned mushy potato salad. long live this light and vinaigrette-y alternative! yumm.
The Food In My Beard's Grilled Veggie Pasta Primavera. Pasta Primavera literally means Spring Pasta... so how could it not make this list? Grilling the veggies is a wonderful spring-weather technique that I've got to try. I bet it's so smoky and delicious!

Dulce de Leche's Grilled Avocado on Toast with Parmesan. I don't care how simple this is. I want it. Grilling avocado? How have I never thought of this before?!

Marcus Samuelsson Spring Asparagus Tart. There's just something about flaky crusts filled with artisan cheeses and crisp greens that gets me every time.

Savoring Time In the Kitchen's Baked Eggs in Croissant Nests. I'm not usually a big fan of eggs, but I can always appreciate a creative way of cooking them... and creamy dijon sauce? I'd be helpless against that.

First Look, Then Cook's Cucumber Yum Yum Cocktail. Cucumber, Raspberries, Limes, Gin... can you think of a more refreshing-sounding combo? I really hope I get the chance to try this this spring.

All Day I Dream About Food' Meyer Lemon Mousse. I'm utterly obsessed with lemons... but I usually don't go for them in sweets. Lemon cakes, cookies, even bars... they all get a resounding 'meh'. This though... I think I could definitely go for one of these. or maybe 5. By the way? If anyone would like to mail me a box of meyer lemons, I will award you unlimited awesomeness points.

Drink of the Week's Black Rose. *whimper* so pretty... so, so pretty... i want one.

Joylicious' Grilled Red Fish and Shrimp Ceviche. I haven't had ceviche since I was little (with the exception of one bite while I was in mexico last winter), but I can vouch for it being delicious. If you can wrap your mind around the whole citrus-and-salt-cooking-raw-fish-in-your-fridge thing, you should so, so make it.

Taylor Takes a Taste's Red Pepper and Pineapple Infused Vodka. This is going on my to-do list right now. I experimented with making infused vodka last holiday season and just loved the results... and seriously, red pepper flakes and pineapple are two of my favorite things on the planet. Every pizza I get has pineapple and something spicy like jalapenos or green chilis... so I really can't imagine this not being amazing.
Happy spring food-gawking and cooking! Have a very tasty tuesday ;)

gah, I'm such a dork :)


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