11 April 2011

Farewell and Hello

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Stew and I spent the weekend in Prescott. I'll go over the whole trip in more detail later along with a whole bunch of pics, but for now I'm just going to talk about the main reason we were up there- our friend Michael's going away party.

Stewie spent pretty much the whole day over there but I decided to hang out and have dinner with my parents first and then go over there around 8 o clock. There were so many people there, both friends and family, and new people kept coming and going. I really had so, so much fun because I got to catch up with SO many people that I usually don't have time to see while I'm in Prescott. It was such a blast- at least up until the very end when Stewie and I had to leave (at 5:30 am mind you) and a wave of sadness and emotion just swept right over me.

I've known Mikey since the first day of 6th grade (almost a decade ago!) and we've been friends since. We haven't always been super close and in recent years he's been more stewie's friend than mine, but he's still a wonderful person and an important figure in my life. He's probably one of the last people I ever would have considered would join the military, but a few months ago he signed up. I know he's really excited about it and I'm happy for him, but realizing that this person I've known for so long is leaving and will probably never be the same again was overwhelming. Not to be melodramatic or anything- I mean it's only bootcamp for now- but I honestly believe the military changes people in a way that is difficult to avoid or reverse.

So, anyways, I got all teary when I was hugging Michael goodbye and looked like a total fool... and then by the time stew and I got home at 6:30 I was so sleep-deprived and emotional that I just burst into tears when my mom opened the door and spent the next hour sitting on my bed talking to my parents about everything. I'm so happy I have such wonderful, supportive parents who are there for me when I'm such a mess :)

Today I feel kind of crappy and worn out... which is why I want to take the time to just say goodbye to all the exhausting, annoying, sad, difficult things of the past and say hello to the hope of a beautiful summer, a great next school year, and future days filled with love and happiness. Farewell complicated yesterday, hello beautiful today (and tomorrow!) Life is hard, and sucky, and people change and leave and make us sad and upset... but after all that is through all the wonderfulness of life is left. So here is to appreciating life and not getting bogged down in the stupid crap. I'm moving forward and keeping my head held high. Thanks to my friends, my family, my boyfriend, and everyone else who keeps me going.

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