12 April 2011

motivation... i can haz it?

I have been suffering from a serious lack of motivation recently... not in terms of this blog (i'm totally motivated when it comes to that haha), in terms of life. I turned in my last essay of the semester last week, and ever since I've had the biggest trouble convincing myself that it's necessary to go to school. or wake up. I've been staying up late and then sleeping in until like 10 or 11 every day... so not my style. I'm usually up bright and early to get started on the day! it's pretty sucky.

I blame it on the fact that I hate this apartment, and it's always a mess in one way or another because that's what happens when you live with other people. In the morning I just think about what's waiting for me when I wake up... a messy kitchen to make breakfast in, a pile of laundry in the closet, a mess of books next to my bed that I need to catch up on reading for class... and it's enough for sleepy me to convince motivated me that really, 30 more minutes can't hurt. I just don't want to get up and deal with the mess. It doesn't help that every time I do get super motivated and deep clean the apartment, it's back to square one by the end of the week. frustrating! I can't wait until next fall, when it will be just me and stew and our cute new puppy in our beautiful little apartment with the breakfast bar and the patio and the jacuzzi and the french doors. Hopefully that will be enough motivation to start getting me back up at 6 or 7.

Luckily, the fact that there are only 16 days of school left (that includes today and finals) is a nice little boost. I'm equal parts excited and terrified for summer though... it's going to be crazy busy and technically I'm going to be in school for 5 weeks of it... and then I'm going to be responsible for keeping 30 young adults happy and full of healthy delicious food. so much pressure!! anyways, i'm getting off topic...

What do you guys do when you lack motivation? any tips? I'd love to hear 'em.

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  1. Hi Emily! I came across your blog when looking for bloggers with a similar interest in "vegan/vegetarianism." I totally get what you are dealing with!! Sometimes we just get in these ruts where everything seems be be so much harder than it should be and it seems impossible to do anything... especially when you know that you will just have to start back from square one a few days later. First of all I say give yourself a break! It's fine to go through this sometimes, and when you come out of it you will be more motivated than ever... sometimes we just need a lazy phase like this to spark up some sort of "okay it's time to get back to work!" I experienced the same thing you did with the whole apartment situation... it seems like in order to be happiest in the apartment you're always having to clean up after other people and it just doesn't seem fair. I think the best thing for handling that situation, is to do what you can, and then focus on the future living arrangements, keeping in mind that what you have right now is only temporary! Whenever I lack motivation to do anything I come to a point where I finally just force myself to do at least ONE thing that i've been avoiding. After I get over that hump, it seems that everything else I've been needing to do comes so much easier and before I even realize it, nothing feels hard anymore. Hope this helps a tiny bit! -Dylan