01 April 2011

Lovely Little Things V.II

I just love this feature! I think it's such a spectacular way to start out the month. Be sure to check out last month's Lovely Little Things- the first volume.

Lovely Little Things V.II
1. Indulging in gross, fatty, not-good-for-you-but-kinda-really-delicious snacks every once in a while. I love Kettle salt and fresh ground pepper potato chips, jalapeno cheddar cheetos, and anything barbecue. What's your fave?
2. A good kiss :)
3. Being told that you are beautiful
4. Falling asleep to the sounds of rain and thunder (april showers!)
5. Good beer
6. Cuddling in the freezing cold
7. Making dough/batter and never intending to bake it
8. Sharing a floor or a bed with blankets and friends
zombie eyes! agh!!
9. Iced coffee early on a spring or summer morning
10. Crying (I love crying- it's such a release and it always makes you feel better!)

Have a wonderful april full of lovely little things! 10 more in may!


  1. Lu, congratulations on your Versatile Blogger Award! You are amazing! Want to know something else sort of amazing, or maybe sort of weird. Unbeknownst to the other, and before seeing your blog, Daddy and I each brought home a bag of Kettle potato chips yesterday. His was identical to the one in your photo. (Mine were Salt & Vinegar, which may actually be my favorite.) And you know, I almost never buy potato chips...Must have all been on the same wavelength yesterday.

  2. weird! kettle potato chips are definitely the best brand... I think I remember showing daddy (and you) that particular flavor when the three of us were in portland before I started school :) I really like salt and vinegar too though. try to save some for me for when i come home next weekend!