01 March 2011

Lovely Little Things V.I

I've done a post like this before, but it was one of the first 10 or so blogs I ever posted, and I decided I'd like to elaborate on it now as a new feature on this blog. Today is March 1st, so I think I will do it on the first day of each month- because what better way to start the month than with 10 lovely and simple little things that can be enjoyed in life?

About 2 and a half years ago I started writing an ongoing list which I titled "Small Things and Large Things, Mostly Inexpensive and In Fact Free to Enjoy in Life". The things in these posts will largely be taken from that list, but there are lovely little things that happen every day that can be added! If you have an idea for one, feel free to comment or email me at girlof1000faces@gmail.com :)

Lovely Little Things V.I
1. Sitting around a campfire with dear friends in the middle of the night  
2. The feeling on long hair on your back or blowing slightly in the breeze (this feels nice with short hair too! I just have very long hair^^)
3. The feeling of July sunlight warming your skin, perhaps while lying tummy-down on lush green grass.
4. Clutching a hot beverage with cold hands on a windy October (or any) night- holding it to your nose and sipping it sloooowly as though it is the only sustenance and comfort you'll ever know (in a good way!)
5. Having a crush. Like I do in this picture of stewie and me before we were dating!
6. Singing your thoughts to no predetermined melody, without even knowing the next words that you'll say. Have you ever done this? It's a great stream-of-consciousness stress reliever. Try it the next time you're home alone! 
7. Buying cheap candy at the Prescott Food Store, or wherever your favorite little hole in the wall convenience shop is!
8. Getting dressed up for nothing in particular.
9. Sitting on the roof and gazing at the stars/sunset/sunrise.
10. A night of good drink, good company, and good conversation.

Hope you guys enjoyed this first volume of Lovely Little Things! Have a wonderful March- 10 more in April!

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