30 March 2011

today is a very special day

because today is the day that Stewie gets his license/car back! Hooray! I won't go into all the nitty gritty details, but basically almost 3 years ago stewart was wrongfully convicted of driving under the influence (if you're wondering how that could happen, consider az's 30 day law), was convinced by his crappy though expensive lawyer to plead guilty for an alcohol-related DUI, and ever since has been jumping through all kinds of hoops such as paying a 2000 dollar fine, attending drug counseling classes (at 30 bucks a week), spending a night in jail (which again, had to be paid for), and losing his license- which for me has meant carting him around everywhere! But today, after 2 years of suspended license, he is finally getting it back. I've been excited for this day FOREVER because I always complain to stewie about how I give him rides to his school all the time but I have to bike myself to the university and back at least once or twice a day. Now I can finally wear skirts to school without leggings underneath and not be afraid that something will fly up while I zip down the street on my bicycle :)

There are still a few more hoops for stewie to jump through, like a super expensive insurance that they failed to mention in the original punishment and having to have a (again very expensive) breathalyzer in his car for the next year or two. but the important thing is that stewie can finally drive again and he is finally getting his beloved ragged old maroon vw golf back. Hooray for today!

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