29 March 2011

cleaning out my phone gallery

As a blogger, I have a tendency to take pictures of random things- food mostly, but also good hair days, cute outfits, pretty sunsets, and a whole lot of other stuff in an effort to document my life and build up photo content for this site. This inevitably leaves me with a gallery on my phone that consists of a whole bunch of really random pictures that don't exactly form a coherent post... and so I end up making posts like these, where I just unload a few mismatched pics from the last 3 weeks on you guys. Fun, eh? anyways, here are some things that I've been up to/have caught my eye recently:

Don't you just love how vain bloggers are? We just love to take pictures of ourselves. this is me driving to pick stewie up from school before leaving for phoenix/prescott for spring break

One of my favorite things about going home- my parents always have a ton of delicious, healthy food. This is leftover grilled zucchini from dinner the night before and portobello ravioli all sprinkled with crumbled sheeps milk feta. so yummy. I wish I had a grill... I could seriously live off of smoky, grilled veggies.

Another thing I love about going home- lunch with my mom! We always try to set up a lunch date every time I'm back in prescott for a few days, and I just love it. It's a tradition that goes all the way back to when I was 6 or 7 in elementary school and she would pick me and my sister up on alternating wednesdays and take us out to lunch. My fave place to go back then was fazolis (so sad the one in prescott closed!), but now my tastebuds are a bit more mature. We decided to go to pangaea this time, a wonderful little bakery/lunch place. I got a sandwich with fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, and a balsamic reduction on baguette, and my mom got a super yummy brie and fig sandwich on sourdough. so delicious!

This was my super awesome st paddy's day- george killian's irish red beer and sandwiches made from leftover irish soda bread, colcannon, and vegan corned beef and cabbage out in the beautiful forest outside of prescott. Stew and I went car camping and lots of our friends came along to hang out...we took a hike up the hill to look at the amazing view (I didn't take my camera to catch a pic... oops!) and sat around a campfire having a grand ol time.

Speaking of car camping, stewie and I did a fair amount of it over spring break. I know it looks really haphazard, but it was actually very pleasant. My subaru's back seat fold forward, providing a nice long bed, big enough for two people. stewie had a little trouble cause he's taller, but for me it was perfect and very comfortable. love it!

I've got a fave spot in prescott- a couple actually- that is perfectly hidden away so that you wouldn't really even know it's there unless someone showed you. it's up a long, steep driveway between a gas station and a carwash, and at the top there's a wonderful spot to park your car, open your windows, and gaze over much of prescott. I came up here a couple times over spring break, this time because I had time in between plans and the cleaning ladies were at my house so I needed someplace to go.

While I was up there, I read one of my fave magazines, ReadyMade. It still gets delivered to my parent's house, so every once in a while when I come to visit a new one will be sitting on my desk. It's a wonderful DIY magazine full of projects, recipes, and stories about really awesome people. This was the cover this month, and I think it's such an awesome idea! Inside that camper is a stove, a bed, and some other cool things. My friend and stewie's older brother Brian has a white honda civic, and I totally think he should trick his out like this one.

Whew, gallery cleaned. More posts later! I've got a test this afternoon, so wish me luck :)


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