06 March 2011

a few photos from the past week

What with all of last week's midterms and getting ready for spring break and everything, I have not been a very good blogger! I'm back again though and I plan on whipping up at least a few posts today that I can put up in the next couple of days. Before I get started though I wanted to clear out my droid pic gallery and show you guys some of the stuff that I've been doing over the last week or two.
Check out this lovely vintage typewriter! I bought it on ebay after a spontaneous middle-of-the-night search... first thing I ever bought on ebay. It only cost thirty dollars (shipping included) and it's in pretty good condition- at worst I might have to replace the ribbon but I doubt that will be too big a deal. I'm really excited to get it!
I love new shoes, and I love not spending money. I got these cute like-new cream pumps from goodwill for 3 dollars. Some people would probably think buying shoes from goodwill is disgusting, but I always find such cute ones that look like they've never been worn- and they're always so cheap! I love it. 
I took this picture while walking home from the university one evening last week. I love how the light from the sunset hits the mountains and makes them glow purple and pink and orange. So beautiful! The mountains that surround Tucson are one of the best things about the city.
Stewart bought me this beautiful rose for valentine's day and it bloomed magnificently. It stuck around for quite a while but a couple days after I took this pic I decided to dry it so I can keep it forever :)
And this is me this morning! I tried this messy side ponytail tutorial, although I didn't actually look at the tutorial while I was doing it (I just did it from memory), so it turned out a little different. Recently I've been having a lot of fun finding different hair tutorials and trying them out. I have all this long, thick hair, but I usually just brush it, curl my bangs, and go. I definitely don't have time to curl my hair everyday (nor do I want to), so it's fun finding other damage-free things I can do with it.

And those are some pics from the last few days! More posts coming soon, have a wonderful Sunday!!

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  1. I'm completely jealous of that type writer! I've always wanted one like that.