01 March 2011

30 Day Challenge- 28

Day 28 - Something that you miss.

I'm sad to say that I have the unfortunate but all-too-common problem of not appreciating things enough when they're happening and then missing all the best parts about them when they're gone. Even if the thing made me truly MISERABLE at the time, I seem to forget all the pain once the thing is gone and only remember all the great things it took with it.

In a way this is a good thing because it means my life seems so full of wonderful things when I think about it. But it's also probably a tad unhealthy... I should be concentrating on appreciating all these great things as they're happening, not after they're all gone! It's a goal of mine :)

Anyways, a lot of things about living in Portland really irritated me/ticked me off/made me generally upset and unwell. However, at the same time there were lots of things I LOVED about the place. I often tell stewie that when I graduate from UA I'd like to look into moving back to portland. I think having my own place (as opposed to sharing a dorm room), having a car, and having a real job would make the experience much nicer.

Some of the things I miss:
the gooorrrrgeous campus. UA is definitely pretty too, but in a different way. LC is just... indescribable in a way. I'd love to go back and visit, as I still see it as one of my schools.
the shows! I saw modest mouse for like 30 bucks. Vampire weekend for 25 maybe, Passion Pit for probably about 20, Regina Spektor for 30, and Yo La Tengo for free cause I won tickets from my friend while he was doing his segment on KLC radio. I miss it so much! Going to the crystal ballroom was always a fun treat. some of the best times ever, to be sure.
Voodoo donuts. It's almost cliche to say so, but seriously they are soooo gooood. I do not even like donuts. but I like voodoo. My faves are the raspberry romeo (with powdered sugar, not glazed), the mexican hot chocolate, and of course the voodoo doll. Their raspberry filling is to die for.
Stumptown Coffee. It's located inside the ace hotel lobby, and there's an awesome couch area that you can chill in while you drink your beverage of choice. It's a great place to go do homework on a sunday when you seriously have to get off campus.
I also miss rainy days, brisk walks at night through the campus, raspberry mochas from the dovecoat, films at the fox tower theater, shopping at Pioneer Place, riding the max train through the city just for the hell of it, sitting on the steps on pioneer square, the pretty lights on all the trees during the holidays, kettleman's bagels, saturday markets, river parties, sitting in the starbucks on piosquare while waiting for the pioexpress to come, taking long walks through the city without knowing where I'm going, getting lost in powell's books, and going to the ceramics lab on a saturday afternoon.

Portland is a great place! There were some crappy things about my situation while I was there, but I can't wait to come back! A lovely city with some truly lovely memories.

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