07 March 2011

some links to kick off your week

 Yknow, I spend a fair amount of time stumbling- both on my computer or on my phone when I'm stuck somewhere waiting for something- and yet for some reason I never fill you guys in on the cool stuff I find. I know a lot of bloggers do links posts every so often, so I thought I might as well join the club. Here are some fun, pretty, cool, humorous, or delicious links to kick off your week and help you procrastinate this monday :)

I have been dying to make this concord grape and rosemary focaccia ever since I realized there are several very abundant rosemary bushes on campus that are just asking to be trimmed and put into delicious meals. Too bad Tucson seems to be devoid of concord grapes!

Stewie and I drink a TON of tea, so it's always fun finding cool tea accessories. Some of them seem pretty pointless (like the tea light) but others (like the tea bag coffin mug) seem pretty cool!

I really love this idea. Basically I love turning anything into a chalkboard anything :)

This list of life secrets and tips was really interesting. There are some great ideas there, like meditate every day, adjust your sleep schedule, come up with a life mantra, and read something inspirational every day. Some useful advice!

This wedding is full of crafty, beautiful, DIY touches. So pretty and so many good ideas- for any event!

How much would you love to spend two weeks here? looks like the ultimate tropical getaway. Soooo beautiful. And probably soooo expensive :)

You've probably already seen this viral video, but I think it is the cutest thing ever!!

This is my go-to bread recipe. It makes a ton and is really flexible- you can add garlic, dried fruit, herbs, olives, whatever. Also, it's vegan!

I really like this break down of restaurant types. I definitely agree with the thing about limited menu options vs everything under the sun- it's such a pet peeve of mine when people on yelp mark a restaurant down because there arent a gazillion menu options. It's way better to do a few things really well than 100 things mediocre!

This game shows pictures of objects from famous movies and you have to guess what the movie is hangman style. Fun :)

This vintage 50s dress from etsy is so pretty. Too bad 150$ is basically how much I can afford to spend on clothes a year!

There ya go! Hope you have a great week :)


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