02 March 2011

It's official!

(click on image to see )
yaaaay! I know I've talked about going to greece this summer already, but today I received my official acceptance email! I'm so excited to get started on this amazing trip... Even boring stuff like going to meetings and getting all my health insurance stuff aligned sounds exciting to me :) I'm probably going to buy a tourbook or two as well, because even though I'm likely to have little control over the trip I want to know all about where I'm going! Eeek, I'm so excited. Clear blue waters, whitewashed walls, delicious Mediterranean food, here I come!



  1. Congrats on this! I studied abroad last summer and it was a wonderful experience.

  2. more posts! its beeeeeeen daaaays

  3. Uhm, that's awesome. You are going to have so much fun!