28 March 2011


...there will not be a movie monday this week. Guys, I'm going crazy with all this post spring break...um.. craziness! Seriously, it's kicking my butt. Let me tell you about my day: I woke up, got ready, did some errands/cooking/homework before having to bike to school at 1:40, had class from 2-6, biked home, finished some cooking I'd had to cut short earlier (because of the whole class thing), put on my workout clothes, decided to start dinner so I would have less to do later- this resulted in me doing parts of my ab workouts in between going out into the kitchen and checking on things- finished my abs, finished dinner, ate dinner, decided to do some homework before completing my workout at the gym, finished homework but then got caught up in apartment hunting... and now I'm sitting here, about to finally go to the gym, and I still have a hefty amount of homework to do when I get home because I've got a film history test tomorrow. Oh, and stewie's stressing over homework too so I told him I'd make him cookies and we could stay up late together working. gah, my life. I haven't been able to blog at ALL (aside from these sad rants about the fact that i'm too busy to blog... sorry about that) which is uber depressing because i've got a whole slew of great posts I've been cooking up.

blegh. so anyways... with all this crap going on I haven't had time to do anything except zip around trying to complete a never-ending to do list... on which a movie monday sadly does not make the cut this week. I hope to be back in a couple of days (I know, I said that last time...) with some super stellar posts to make up for all this blogger fail. Love you all!


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