10 March 2011

irish day approaches!

Oh my gosh you guys, can you believe that there are only 7 days until St Patrick's day and I have not gushed about it yet? If you have been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I am obsessed with all things holiday. I love celebrating, dressing up, decorating, making themed food and drink, watching holiday movies, making holiday playlists, I love holidays! And that love of holidays is written all over this blog in the form of coutdowns.

I've made a St. Patrick's Day countdown before, although it got kind of broken up because it was the first month of this blog and I flew from Portland to Arizona on st patricks day- so I didn't really have the time or motivation to write out my post on time. Also, I left my camera cord in prescott so when I got back to portland I couldn't put up any st paddy's day pictures. And lastly, that countdown was all about food, something I am totally not against whatsoever, but I think I could expand on it a bit :)

And so, in honor of St Patrick's Day 2011, I am going to be making yet another countdown. hooray!! I love this holiday so, so much. I'm a hefty percentage of Irish, and I love any excuse to have a big ol' celebration. There have been some really great years in the past and I'm sure this one will outdo them all!

The countdown will be 5 days long and will start in 3 days (the 13th) and end on March 17th. Here's what you can expect:

Day 1:Tunes
Day 2:Flicks
Day 3:Potations
Day 4: Irish Eats
Day 5: Throwing a St Paddy's Day Celebration

yay :) exciting. I've got some mighty fine ideas a-brewin', so get ready! Happy Irish week everyone!


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