10 March 2011

Hello Spring!

So, I was scrolling through foodgawker, as i do probably at least once or twice every day (foodie much?), and I came across a picture of a pretty little bowl of soup. It was golden brown, and creamy, and garnished with walnuts, and had the word cheddar in the title, and I thought to myself:

"What the hell? It's not fall, people, you can't go around posting decadent cold weather soups. Sheesh."

Gasp. I involuntarily dissed on my fave season. But seriously, the time has come and gone for fall food and dare I say winter food as well! March 21st is around the corner and that means springtime baby. Yeah I know it's probably still frickin freezing up north... But down here the weather is glorious. In fact, so glorious today that I convinced stewie to cut class and go swimming in our (non heated!) pool. sunny, breezy, wonderful!
Usually I very much dislike spring, but thats probably because everywhere else I've lived it takes FOREVER for spring to decide to actually exist- it'll be beautiful and 70  degrees on a wednesday and be snowing by the weekend. frustrating! But down here in tucson we had only a very brief (albeit awful- have you ever biked to school at 9 in the morning in 20 degree weather? no fun!) cold spell that quickly dissipated into 60, and then 70, and now 80 degree weather. I know by late April it's going to start getting a bit too hot for comfort, but for right now it feels like the most perfect late-spring early summer weather. I'm all ready for barbecues and pastel flowered dresses and pool parties and camping trips and easter and yay! Haha. I get way too excited about the changing of the seasons.

I posted a list of reasons why autumn is the best season, but I don't see any reason why I can't post a list of reasons spring is still a good season sometime in the next few days. I will be up in prescott which will mean slightly cooler temps... but maybe I can snap some pics of budding deciduous trees and sprouting tulips... both of which Tucson pretty much lacks^^
anyways, hooray! hooray for spring time, the time of growth and rebirth and the end of school and perfect weather! It's going to be a great season :)


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