20 October 2010

Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season

I'm one of those people that loves notebooks. Seriously, I have a million of them. When I go into a book store, I can't leave without at least looking at the display of pretty books filled with all those wonderful blank pages. It doesn't matter that I already own a bunch that I haven't gotten around to writing in yet- if I see one that catches my eye, I have to buy it. I'm sure I'll never run out of things to write, or places to write them in.

Since I also like to be organized, every notebook ends up having a theme. I have a journal that I take with me when I travel, one for at home, one for in my purse (for when I need to jot down random ideas, shopping lists, or quotes I don't want to forget), one full of poetry, one full of stories, and of course there's a whole slew of those black and white composition books which were my #1 choice of journal throughout middle school and early high school. There are several binders, too, but we won't get into that.

My FAVORITE notebook, however, is none of the above. My favorite is kind of a hybrid of all of them- it's a light brown hard covered book with a magnetic flap that keeps it closed, and for some reason it's got cursive Shakespeare embossed into it... something I didn't really notice when i bought it (i just thought it was random illegible writing), but I don't mind. Inside, it's pages are scribbled with everything. Dreams (both day and night), random thoughts, quotes from anywhere and everywhere, doodles, essays, and TONS of lists. Lists of all sorts. Halloween costumes, books to read, movies to see, favorite people, most important things, reasons for this or that, anything that comes to kind that I think needs to be written down in an organized fashion. My favorite is one that continues throughout the entire thing (just picking up on the number where it last left off) that's entitled "Small Things and Large Things, Mostly Inexpensive and in Fact Free to Enjoy in Life". But that's another post.

Today I'm going to be discussing a different, less broad list. And that list is "Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season".
Because I'm not tired of telling you how much I love fall yet.
Because I'm living vicariously through things I wrote down about places that actually have fall.
Because I've resolved to persistently encourage all you out there who are experiencing fall to ENJOY it, damnit, because you're lucky enough to.
Because I'm sitting outside before my Classic Mythology class wearing jeans and a cardigan and I'm actually a little chilly for the first time this semester.
And because it looks like rain today, so there's no better time to be talking about the awesomeness of this season.

so without any further ado...

Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season

1. After summer, the cool wind is like a fresh glass of icy water.*
2. Red, orange, and yellow- in leaves, in clothes, everywhere.
3. It's cold enough to start cuddling under blankets and drinking hot things. 
I made this cup in my ceramics class last semester! I love it :
4. Halloween.
5. Thanksgiving.
6. Wearing scarves and leggings/tights/socks with miniskirts.
7. Winds that make your heart race.*
8. Crunchy leaves. *
9. Listening to the Spring Awakening soundtrack (Ok, I know that it's SPRING Awakening. I know that the musical takes place during winter, and ends just as spring is arriving. But to me, all the angst and excitement reminds me of autumn and I don't care what anyone else says about it).
10. Drinking to stay warm.
 11. Making campfires.
12. Someone wanting to keep you warm.
13. Knitting in preparation.
14. Needing gloves to drive in the morning.
15. Legwarmers.*
16. Waking up and turning up the heat so that vent in the floor toasts your feet while you get ready (That's the way my house was, at least. There was a vent right under my vanity).
 17. Beautiful displays of gourds, squash, pumpkins, and apples at every store. 
18. Pumpkin lattes.
I made this mug too :)
19. Earlier sunsets and crisper evenings.
20. "This is the season for dreaming"*

*These are not my photos. I got them from the internet and accept no responsibility for them.

Isn't it just the best? What's your favorite thing about autumn? If you have something I didn't mention, post it in the comments :)

Stay warm and toasty, and jump in some leaves for me.



  1. Thanks for the reminder. I used to really like fall, but recently I have been sad when summer ends. Your comments and pictures help bring me back to the present and what is there now and how great that is. My favorites are the cool crisp air, the beautiful colors and the crunchy leaves.

  2. I just Stumbled here... Stumbled. Here.

    That's right. StumbleUpon knows what's up.

  3. OMG are you serious? That is the coolest thing I've ever heard.