19 October 2010

Sabino Canyon

The weekend before last my Mom came to visit me in Tucson for a couple days. We had a really great time doing things that I hadn't had the money or time to do yet... Like getting the cable in my room working FINALLY (so now I don't have to go into the living room if I want to watch something on tv), trying out a local bagel shop, going back to the totally awesome 4th ave Italian restaurant, Caruso's, and most importantly exploring some of the truly beautiful natural areas around Tucson!

My grandparents, 3 sets of aunts and uncles, and my parents have all lived here at some point. In fact, this is the city where my parents first met. So, it's totally weird that I had never been to any of these places. Better late than never though, right? If you are already living in the Tucson area for school or you plan on visiting someone down here, I totally recommend you take a couple hours out of your Saturday or Sunday to check out Sabino Canyon. You can take a 45 minute round trip tram ride up into the canyon and learn all about the natural foliage while checking out the awesome views. You can also get off the tram at 9 different places to picnic, swim, hike, or explore. It's a really great way to escape the city and remind yourself of how beautiful Arizona landscape is.

Plus, who doesn't love swimming holes. Seriously. In the middle of the desert. And SHADE. It rocks.

 This is near the top of the tram ride. You can further up the cliffs (which behind the camera) or you can ride/walk back down.

 Such pretty rocks...

 Most photographers would scrap a picture like this, where the sun has caused weird photographic affects. I think they look awesome, though. It makes the tree look kind of magical in a way.

 The water carves beautiful cavities in the black and white rocks like this one. The water in this area looks so dark and cool, doesn't it?

 The reflections in the water were so cool at this time of day! This was just a little puddle of water in one of the big rocks, but when you stood at the right angle you could see the blue sky and the top of the canyon. You can even see a saguaro in this one!

 Woo! check out that fall color! Because it's a little bit cooler and there's quite a bit of fresh water, there are deciduous trees in Sabino Canyon that give away the fact that it's October :)

 My mom wanted me to take this picture to show the leaves hanging over and reflecting in the water. It's hard to see when it's small, but if you click on it you can see it bigger. It's really beautiful.

 Isn't this cool? the water was coming from both directions and forming a really pretty crisscross pattern. Looks kind of like a fishtail braid.

 Another reflection picture... This was on the walk back down the canyon.

If you're in the area, check it out sometime! See you tomorrow :)


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  1. Sabino Canyon is so beautiful! I am glad that your mom took you there and that you enjoyed it. We tried to visit it whenever we were in Tucson. Your pictures, as usual, are terrific.