31 October 2010

Halloween Countdown Day 1: Halloween Party!

Yay! The day is here! Halloween! I've got to admit, though, this year I got all my halloween celebrating out before it was actually October 31st. This countdown definitely helped. I'm ready for thanksgiving! haha. I didn't do much today, because I woke up not feeling too well and ended up just hanging out online while stewie was at work. It's 8 pm and I just now showered. This is going to be a quick post cause now I just want to curl up with my handsome boyfriend and drink tea and watch friends. I love lazy sundays.

I'm sure the rest of the world is still handing out candy to adorable little kids dressed up in all kinds of crazy costumes. I wish I could be in Prescott right now at my friend Jaimie's party, or on Mt. Vernon checking out all the awesome halloween decorations. I have so many nice memories of being a kid and trick-or-treating around my hometown- we would usually mostly stay away from mt. vernon because it's so crowded (in the past few years they have even started putting floodlights in the street and I'm pretty sure if you move into a house on that street you have to agree to decorate for halloween), but we'd always go to one house on that street because the old couple that lived there handed out whole candy bars. good times :)

Anyways, this has been a great halloween week and I got to do everything I wanted- make a costume, make fun drinks, make themed food, carve pumpkins, and celebrate with my friends. On friday night stewie and i went to a halloween/birthday party at our friends Liah, Jade, and Misa's apartment- they live in the same complex as stewie so it was nice to be able to come and go when we wanted. We decided not to wear our actual costumes so we could save the wow effect for the main party, and instead dressed up as a cowboy and a cowgirl! here's a pic:

It was a lot of fun and they actually had FOOD. this made me so happy because so few of these college parties have anything besides big coolers full of jungle juice or kegs inside of trash cans full of ice. This party was slightly classier, thank goodness. I'm so sick of those dumb college parties. My idea of a good party is the one I threw last weekend- me and seven of my close friends making and eating dinner and playing boardgames. Haha. That may make me seem really lame but I think it's nice :)

Anyways, last night we went to what we considered our main halloween event- another birthday/halloween party at our friends Jon, Sam, and Tony's apartment. There were more people than I generally like at a party (I hate when it's too crowded to easily walk from one side of a room to another), but it was still pretty fun. A lot of people played beer pong but stewie and I mostly stayed upstairs in one of the bedrooms with 5-10 other people just talking. Here are a couple pictures of our costumes. ignore the stuff on the floor of our friend's room haha.

We joked that our G rated costumes were tinkerbelle and captain hook (and plenty of people referred to us as that throughout the night), and our PG-13 rated costumes were the absinthe fairy and captain morgan. People were really appreciative of our costumes once they figured out who we were. Don't worry, stewie didn't drink straight rum from the bottle. that's a little bit of rum and a lot of soda- it's just for effect.

Can you tell what's around my neck? here's a closer look:

It's glow stick liquid inside of a glass bottle! It's my "absinthe" prop. I basically just took glow sticks, cracked them, and then broke them open and poured the liquid in the bottle. People thought it was really cool and I had fun wearing it.

Unfortunately around 2 am all those dumb college kids started vomiting all over the place. Not my kind of party... so stew and I got out of there and went home. I can't WAIT until I have enough money and mature friends to throw nice, classy halloween parties where no one will be in danger of getting ill. I mean really, a little alcohol is ok from time to time but how do these kids not know their limit yet? It's just sad. I like being in college but not that part of it. ah, well. it was still mostly a really good and fun night. Before I go, here are a couple pictures from parties from the past couple years.

aaaand one from the morning of november 1st, 2008:

me and stewie before we were dating! haha cute. alright, hope your hallow's eve celebrations are excellent- be safe, have fun, and brush your teeth after you eat all that sugar! Good night :)


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