30 March 2011

Vlogging Vednesday- my first!

Hey guys, I just did my very first vlog EVER for vlogging vednesday! You can learn more about vlogging vednesday here and here as well as check out a whole lot of other people's vlogs for today's prompt.

So, you can totally tell i'm uber nervous- turns out typing out your life in the safety of your quiet little room is much easier than turning on a camera and filming yourself in said room for the world to see. I'm excited about this whole vlogging vednesday thing and hopefully I will do more in the future! I don't have a ton of time so editing is minimal- i mean, the song doesn't even fit haha. Also, sorry about the noise from my roommate showering in the next room. oh well!

anyways, enjoy my silly little vlog :)


thanks for watching! hopefully i'll only get better with time!

Oh, and just in case the video is unlcear and you are super into accomplishing this hairstyle (lol), here are some typed instructions:

1. Give yourself a dramatic side part
2. Tease the top portion of your hair on all sides- I usually do two sections of hair on the side with the most hair, one on the other side, and one in the back
3. Comb the very top layer of the teased hair to make it look smooth
4. Gather the teased hair behind your hair and pin it so it's nice and poofy, kind of like a beehive. For girls with less hair this will probably only take 2 bobby pins, I usually use four.
5. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and use a small band to tie it. push it up to give your hair some extra oomph
6. Use your fingers to backcomb the ponytail, giving it a messy look.
7. If you have bangs like mine, use your comb to tease them just a little, then comb them to one side of your face. You can pin them, like I did, or just let them be free :)


1 comment:

  1. Good job on your first video! I like the music (I play piano and sing so I love this stuff).

    It's too bad I just cut all my hair off :)