07 April 2010

The Little Things

I sat around for the last few days feeling utterly unmotivated and rather glum. My DARLING roommate decided to invite her boyfriend to come stay with us for a few days(I found this out by reading something he posted on her Facebook, not by her actually telling me). He was supposed to be here from this Thursday (tomorrow) until this Sunday. Only, Last Saturday night my roommate walked in and announced that he was actually going to be arriving the next day (last Sunday) and staying until this Saturday. No checking with me beforehand (like she's supposed to do), no willingness to maybe, y'know, have him get a hotel for a few nights of this busy week in which I had a 10 page research paper due AND a midterm, no witnessing my shock and irritation and realizing she had crossed the line, nothing at all. And so, for the last three nights I have been sharing my room with my already tiresome roommate and her camo-duffel-bag-toting, neon-orange-hat-wearing, godzilla-roar-snoring boyfriend. I can't believe it's only Wednesday.

Anyways, needless to say I've been a bit grumpy and unsettled the past few days. The research paper definitely didn't help. I don't really have any books to read, since I'm in the middle of reading the "His Dark Materials" series with S and my library's copy of the one we're on is marked "Lost and Paid"- meaning I have to wait til I get home to find a free way of reading it. It's been rainy, grey, and miserable here in Portland ever since I arrived back from spring break, and all those final projects I was relieved are taking the place of any real finals are suddenly here, demanding all my attention. Oh, and I'm out of money. Damn my college and only handing out paychecks once a month. It's been rough.

But my intention was not to post a blog of me complaining and rambling on about all the dumb stuff going on. The point of all THAT was basically to say, I've been so caught up with all the crap that I haven't been able to think of anything good to blog about. I had ideas, and then they flew out the window- right about the time my roommate and her boyfriend walked in the door. Just a few minutes ago, though, one popped back into my head. What set it off was so unbelievably simple- and that's the point! There are so many simple, free, momentary pleasures in life. The ones that just happen naturally and make us think, "gee, what a nice day to be alive". They're the type of things that come into our lives for a moment and then slip out again, leaving us to forget about them just a few minutes later- only they've left us a little happier, and maybe even with a little more hope for the future.

What simple little thing set me off to write this? Well, just an email. Not even a long one or from anyone I particularly know. A fellow employee, actually, who I never even share shifts with. He had agreed to cover two of my shifts in a couple weeks, though, because my Mom is going to be visiting me for a few day. A few days ago he sent an email out to all us phonathoners asking if someone could cover a shift for him. As busy as I am this month, I figured it would be the polite and fair thing to do to offer to cover it for him. Today, he sent me an email saying he didn't need the shift covered after all. And that was it. That's what made me think "Gee, the little things in life! I feel a lot better now. I should write a blog about that kind of stuff". Does this just mean that I dread my job? Well, maybe. But knowing that I wasn't going to have to work an extra shift next week really gave me a boost. And it made me smile. That's getting a lot more rare these days (so much WORK).

About a year and a half ago I started a notebook to fill with random inspiring quotes, lists, dreams, poetry, and so on. One of the first things I put in it was a list of "small and relatively cheap or in fact free things to enjoy in life". The book got left at home over break, but I can remember a few of the really good ones. Below are some of these things which I personally have come to really appreciate when they flutter across an otherwise dull day.

The Little Things
1. Hot mint tea and cookies
2. Lying on the grass in early June
3. The warmth of sunlight on your skin
4. Baking
5. Being told you're beautiful
6. Receiving any compliment at all, really
7. Getting a hot pumpkin latte in Autumn
8. Having a campfire in the driveway/backyard
9. Playing with play-dough
10. Knowing all the words to the song that comes on the radio, and singing them.
11. Walking your dog
12. The people at your favorite coffee shop knowing your name and order.
13. Cooking for two
14. Wind rustling through crispy orange leaves
15. Monsoon rains
16. Monsoon Sushi!
17. Playing games with friends all night
18. Kissing
19. Dressing up in costumes
20. Sitting on the roof/top of the parking garage and looking out over the city
21. Buying a new book
22. Sleeping in
23. Counting down to something exciting
24. Having things go exactly the way you imagined and hoped they would
25. Cuddling
26. Having a snow day- and using it as an excuse to stay in your pjs all day watching movies and drinking hot chocolate
27. Playing hookie
28. Knowing you look great
29. Listening to favorite music you forgot about
30. Seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling something and being inspired.

There are billions more. Find the little things in your life that make each day special :)

(Pics in a few days. Should be here soon...)

Happy humpday!

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