18 April 2011

hell yes spring

I'm usually not too crazy about spring... probably because in Prescott the weather is often temperamental... going from sunny and 70 degrees to can't-walk-straight-windy to 10 inches of snow within a few days of each other. This year though, I've got a bit of spring fever. Every day has been gloriously warm and sunny, flowers are sprouting up everywhere, the trees are turning green... and I've got a hankering to start cleaning everything in my apartment in preparation to move out and start my exciting summer.
All this springyness has been spreading across the internet too, and it's gotten me so excited for springtime and the summer months that follow! In fact, it has compelled me to create this list of reasons why springtime is awesome. It's not the BEST season, like autumn, but it's still pretty swell in its own right.

Reasons to Love Springtime
1. Flowers starting to push up from beneath the soil... especially tulips.
 2. Flirty, frilly, pastel spring dresses
3. Japanese Cherry Blossoms
4. That stretch of barren winter trees now has a tinge of lovely soft green
5. spring cleaning! time to clear out all the winter dust and clutter and get ready for the summer
6. chilled sweet pitchers of cocktails in pretty soft colors
7. porch breakfasts, potluck brunches, afternoon teas, twilight dinners with dear friends and family
8. Lemons and fresh herbs showing up in all the recipes across the net
9. Walks through the park or downtown, preferably with dear friends and furry loved ones
10. Celebrations like Easter and spring birthdays (I've got one^^) that call for pretty things and outdoor fun.
11. Long hikes in the cool spring mornings
12. Planning summer daytrips, excursions, parties, and all the fun to come
 13. Picnic lunches
14. The end of another year of school, or at least another winter.
15. warm breezes that seem to breathe new life into the world

happy springtime everyone. what's your favorite thing about this season?



  1. I am dying over these pictures they are too cute! And I love that you're excited over cleaning :)

  2. I loveeeeee this post!! I wish I were in Boston for the spring time... there's not too much greatness here in Texas : ( BUT my favorite thing about the spring time is the 65-70 degree weather and being able to do outdoorsy things in such nice weather. Thanks for all the cute pictures!!