07 April 2011

top ten posts thus far

Hello lovelies! Happy thursday! In high school, thursdays were my least favorite day of the week... but these days I usually have no class/only one class on friday, so thursdays are my day to let out the stress I've been working up all through the work week and relax. This weekend Stewart and I are driving up to Phoenix to visit his brother, and then up to Prescott to see our parents and attend our dear friend Mikey's going away party. I've known Michael since the first day of 6th grade (almost a decade ago!), and now he is joining the army. It's very sad, but I'm also proud of him for getting out of our hometown! More on the party and the rest of our trip to prescott later.

There are 2 days of the Ultimate Blog Party left- and I'm having so much fun so far! I've already found like 10 new blogs to follow (with some pretty super cool ladies behind them!), and I've gained quite a few followers myself. It's been so fun to virtually mingle with everyone. So, since there are some new people checking out this blog and there are bound to be a couple more who stop by, I thought it would be fun to post my top ten most viewed posts. I'm not sure if I would consider them all to be my best/most interesting posts, but numbers don't lie so I guess people are checking them out for a reason! There is a nice variety... a handful of recipes, a couple posts from various countdowns, a book review, some basic life stuff, and my workout regimen that I still follow. Enjoy!

10. No Booze November- last november I went without a drop of alcohol to see how it made my body feel. the answer was- great! I'm back to drinking occasionally now, but I definitely think the hiatus did me good.
9. Last Week/New Book- a general life update post with lots of pics of what I had been up to.
8. My Workout Routine- combination of cardio, weights, and biking myself to school. It's been working great for me!
7. St Paddy's Day Countdown Day 3- Irish Colcannon Recipe- This was one of my very first posts on this blog, and the first countdown I ever did. Colcannon (mashed potatoes whipped with cabbage or kale) is soo, sooo delicious for any day of the year.
6. Looking For Alaska- My review of the book. A little below my reading level, but still good :)
5. 7 Layer Burritos- If you've ever eaten a 7 layer burrito from taco bell (one of the only good already-vegetarian things on the menu), you've probably had the thought "this could be a whole lot better". Well, I had that thought, and tacked "if I made it myself" onto the end of it. Homemade 7 layers= most delicious thing ever.
4. Foodie Fight #2: Honey Mustard and Lemon Greek Skewers with Hummus Dipping Sauce- Foodie Fights is something that sadly no longer exists, but it used to be an online battle between food bloggers. 2 obscure ingredients are chosen (in this case it was a 'special' battle, where the only requirement was skewers) and 5 bloggers create a dish that features them. 2 judges evaluate each dish/post and decide on a winner based on yumminess and creativity. I came in 2nd with this one :)
3. Halloween Countdown Day 4- Creepy Cocktails- Another countdown post! Halloween is my favorite holiday (with st paddy's close behind) and on this day of my countdown I made up a fun candy corn layered drink.
2. Movie Mondays: Wristcutters: A Love Story- Only one of my many movie mondays, and the only one that makes the top ten list (at number 2, no less!) I'm glad this is so popular, because this is my favorite movie! It's so interesting that it ended up being so popular with viewers as well :)
1. Sesame Seared Tuna and Papaya Tempura Sushi with Spicy Sesame Sauce and Papaya Chutney- whew, how's that for a title of a dish? This was my first crack at foodie fights, and I came in first! The two ingredients chosen were sesame seeds and papaya. My winning dish was a really fun and creative sushi. Takes a little work but the results are delicious :) 

There ya go! My 10 most viewed pages. Check them out, and if you decide to do a post like this be sure to leave a link in the comments so I can check out your most popular posts!


  1. Mmmmm that 7 layer burrito sounds amazing. I know what's for dinner tonight!!!

  2. Lovely! My favorite is your workout routine! I've been trying to work on mine.