28 April 2011

Tasty Tuesdays: Easter Yumminess

This is going to be quick, cause it's early on thursday morning (fail) and i'm not feeling too hot (ow). I'm just going to throw a few links at you that I know are amazing and absolutely delicious because I served 'em up for my very first official brunch, which happened to coincide with easter.

My parents were here all last weekend and I convinced them that it was a good idea for them to let me prepare our easter brunch. We're not a particularly religious family but we still like to celebrate the major holidays :) anyways, they agreed to pick up some bagels and I assured them that I would arrange everything else... and honestly, it couldn't have gone better! I am sure that my future adult life will be filled with many wonderful brunches.

On to the recipes. I've got pics of my own, but here are the pics from the recipes i got. Did I mention that this was an extremely smitten kitchen-y brunch? well is was. If anyone knows how to do brunch right, it's deb. Am i right?

I made this absolutely spectacular braided lemon and sweet cheese bread.
I also made an absolutely divine baked egg dish which was made up of wonderfully creamed spinach and mushrooms. So divine. I feel almost sacrilegious saying this but mine was way prettier.
 The last of my smitten kitchen recipes was these lovely and oh-so-delicious mustard roasted potatoes. so, so good for any time of day.
As I said before, more about my actual easter brunch later... happy, erm, thursday, have a wonderful weekend all! stay well and happy!

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