20 April 2011

Get High... on life!

So everyone knows today is 4.20, and stoners across the land are playing hookie and rejoicing in hotboxed rooms full of clouds of earthy, pungent smoke. If you're like me though and you have a quiz which requires memorizing 40 sets of names/dates/3 significant facts on thursday as well as an interest in drugs that expired around the same time you graduated high school... then you might be opting not to take part in the day's festivities. At least the burn-your-throat, cough-up-a-lung, can't-do-anything-productive ones. But that doesn't mean you can't still get high... on life! I'll hold for a groan at my corniness.


Alright, done? ok.

I won't take credit for this idea... I was actually inspired by it because when I was a wee 15 year old sophomore in high school, two of the seniors in my drama class came in on April 20th wearing tee shirts with all kinds of activities puff-painted on to them along with the words "high on life". I don't really remember what the activities they had come up with were, although I do know one of them went out and got a tattoo. Anyways, I thought it was a really cool idea! You can have fun and get amaaaazing adrenaline/endorphin highs without touching the green stuff- so if you've got too much to do/prepare for today or you just plain aren't interested in going the drug route, set aside time for one or two of these activities so you can still say you got high today ;)

1. Can you handle spice? Some people hate the slightest hint of heat (it's genetic), but others can't get enough. If you can handle spicy food without proclaiming it inedible, up the ante today and cook/order some food thats got a real kick. I use jalapenos like they're going out of style, and I'm also no stranger to dried chilis such as arbols, anchos, guajillo, new mexican chili pods, etc... but I'd love to add some fresh habaneros (40X hotter than a jalapeno!) to that mix. Spicy food ups your metabolism and acts as a stimulant, so it not only helps you burn more calories, it feels awesome because it sharpens your senses and has an 'awakening' effect!

2. Is it April Showering where you are today? Playing in the rain was SO MUCH FUN as kids, wasn't it? I see no reason why it can't still be. Ditch the umbrella and go outside and enjoy the rain! Dance around, splash in puddles, recreate this iconic scene:

3. If it's dryer out, pack a lunch and go to the nearest swimming hole. The water's bound to be freezing, but jumping in will make all your nerves buzz! Don't think about it, just do it.

4. If spicy food isn't your thing, try doing a fast. If you've never fasted before you could do a raw foods fast (just fresh fruits and vegetables) or a juice fast (pure fresh fruit and veggie juice... none of that corn syrup 5% real juice crap), or if you're a fasting pro you could do a water fast. Your body will feel so clean and fresh and alive at the end of the day!

5. Get a tattoo. If you've been thinking about it for a while and you've just been putting it off, get it today! I don't have any tats because I'm not entirely sure I want any, but if you've made the decision and just haven't gone for it... today's just as good as any.

6. If you decided to go swimming today (#3) and you're feeling extra brave and crazy, go skinny dipping! just make sure you're in a secluded area where no one you wouldn't want to see could.

7. Cut class or take the day off from work. If you hardly ever do this, it'll be exciting to be off doing something fun when everyone else is hard at work. Although, you might run the risk of your coworkers/professors/fellow students assuming you ditched in order to get high on something other than life ;)

8. Find a cliff. Sit on the edge. Check out the stellar view.

9. Have you ever had pure espresso before? It's not for everyone (and if you don't like the taste of normal coffee, forget about it), but it'll give you a buzz that you can't get from your regular cup of joe. And it's so fancy, in that tiny little cup!

10. Buy something absolutely sinful at your local patisserie/cupcakery/chocolate shop. A square of fudge or a little box of truffles or a decadent fruit tart or a cream cheese frosting laden cake. Eat it and don't feel guilty, not for a second.

11. Fish about 5 pennies out of your change jar, go to the nearest fountain or coin pond, and make a wish for each one.

12. Doing good deeds can be a great way to make yourself feel wonderful. My favorite method as of late has been putting spare change in people's expired parking meters, or leaving some extra time in mine. Spend 25 cents, save someone 25 dollars. And honestly, how great does it feel when you snag a spot and find that you already have 30 minutes paid for? I'll tell you how great it feels. It feels freaking excellent.

13. Exercise. I can't express enough just how great sweating gallons and getting your heart pumping to the speed of sound feels. If you can get over the whole "but exercise is boring and i'm tired and i don't want to and it will hurt" thing, do it, if only for 30 minutes. You will feel awesome.

14. Find an open mic. Do something. Stage fright is scary, but performing is exhilarating and I promise you that the minute that spotlight blinds you you will feel nothing but adrenaline and excitement.

15. Sit in a very hot, very still, very silent hot tub/bath. It is both relaxing and stimulating. You will feel so clear-headed once you're done.

16. Drink a pot of jasmine tea. It's delicious and it will give you a gentler, more serene buzz than a pot of coffee.

17. Get a haircut. This might not sound like a very exciting activity, but revamping your style and uncovering a whole new look can have a big impact on how you feel about yourself!

18. Same goes for furniture. Rearrange everything in your room/house, if only just for today. You'll feel like you're living in a whole different house.

19. Go out dancing! Maybe bars and clubs aren't your usual scene, but it can be fun to get dressed up and go out every once and a while to shake your thang. lol. Dancing is sooo exhilarating and your adrenaline will be racing for hours after you've finished.

20. Stay up all night. This might not be practical so don't do it unless you don't have much of anything to do on Thursday, and definitely don't make a practice of it... but staying up all night makes you go right up to the brink of sleepiness and then surpass it. I've heard of people who drink Nyquill and then don't let themselves fall asleep... this is the same thing, but without the Nyquill (I do NOT recommend using it for anything but it's original purpose). The few times I've stayed up all night, I find that surprisingly when the sun rises I no longer feel sleepy but energetic and buzzed and excited for the day.

21. Do something that isn't like you at all. Only once can't hurt! For example, if you never drink, buy one of those mini airplane bottles of tequila and take a shot, complete with lime and salt. If you hate sports, go to the park and give shooting hoops a try (by yourself, if you're terrified of looking like an idiot like me^^). If you're a die-hard carnivore, look up a vegetarian recipe and try your hand at it. If you hardly ever go anywhere other than work-home-school, look up a tourist information site about your town and check out some of the sites or great restaurants you never bother to go to. If you're always with friends or family, make everyone go out and do something else for the night and take over the house. Blast your favorite music, cook/order your favorite food, walk around naked, whatever just do something that you never get to do/would think to do. you might just realize you really enjoy it!

22. Go to the zoo. Honestly, if you don't have kids, how often do you actually think to go to the zoo? The zoo is super cheap usually and it can be a ton of fun.

23. Go to a concert, any concert, and dance like it's the best music you've ever heard. mosh pits aren't for everyone but if you think you can handle it they will definitely get your heart and adrenaline racing!

24. Do something you've been thinking about doing. Have you been playing with the idea of starting a blog? today's your day- just do it! How about quitting your job, reupholstering a chair, starting to draw, going for runs? Don't put it off any longer, make today the first day of the rest of your life.

25. Tell someone what you think. If you've got feelings and emotions bubbling below the surface that you've been trying to keep hidden, let them go today! Don't be rude of course, but get whatever's on your chest the hell off of it. You will feel so light and free.

26. Go out to an abandoned stretch of road, where it is highly unlikely that there will be cops, pedestrians, or other cars. Roll down your windows. Turn up your music. Drive, fast.

 27. Stand on your head. This might sound silly, but the blood rushing to your head is an intense feeling, especially when you right yourself again! If you need to, lean up against a wall while you do it and see how long you can hold the position.

28. Find the nearest sauna. A lot of gyms have them, and they will usually give you a day pass for a few bucks. Sit in the heat and enjoy the wonderful feeling of sweating out all your toxins.

29. Buy yourself something pretty, just because you want it. Don't think about the money for just today. Money can be made. Impulse buys are usually not a good thing, but you deserve to treat yourself every once in a while! Don't feel guilty about it. Don't overthink it. Just do it, and enjoy it, and feel great about it!

30. Start composing a bucket list- a list of all the things you would like to do/accomplish in your life. Then see if you can cross one or two things off today!

Whew! hopefully those 30 things will keep you busy and off the dope for today ;) haha. what kinds of things do you do to get your adrenaline racing?

Happy fo-twenny yo.


  1. Oh my god, I LOVE the parking meter one!!! You are so right, I love it when I pull up and there are a few minutes left over from the previous car! Also, I have had WAY too many dumb parking tickets to not appreciate someone putting a few extra cents in my meter just to do something nice :)

  2. This is an absolutely amazing post!! I love all these ideas!! And I don't just love them for 4/20 but for any day!!