05 April 2011

Gypsy (and photo!) Love

I have a minor obsession with gypsies and traveling circuses. Not the creepy, dingy, animal-cruelty advocating circuses you mostly see these days; the magical, bohemian, fabric-caravan-that-transforms-into-a-stage traveling circus. Dr. Parnassus circuses. And I love the idea of living like a gypsy- nothing but the stuff I can cart around in a caravan, selling odds and ends or making music to earn money... sure, it would be difficult, but it sounds like such a wonderful way of living.

So, whenever I find photos like these, I just fall in love. I mean, who wouldn't want to sleep in this tent?
And I know this isn't really gypsy or traveling circus style, but i still love love love this setup... it's so bohemian and comfortable looking. I would love to have a theater like this in my backyard :)
wouldn't it be awesome to live in this?
Little glowing circus hidden in the forest... I'd work there.
love it!


  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

    I love this post...epecially since I've been obsessed with Water For Elephants lately. This collection of photos seems almost magic :)

    Following you now too!

  2. I so agree about that movie theatre. Best idea ever. And most appropriate for our Arizona summers.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I really like your outlook on life. I agree with you about the outdoor theater in this post!! It look so amazing and...perfect!!

  4. I have a slight fasination with gypsy lifestyle as well, but I enjoy my little luxuries as much. I would love to just... get away and be with nature for a wknd, and of course i love gypsy fashion. hehe Thank you for visiting my blog, I love how I'm getting to know so many amazing bloggers via UBP11 looking forward to more posts <3