11 April 2011

A Vacation to Winter

In Tucson it's been 80-90 degrees out recently- which I love- although it made me excited to trip up to Prescott for a bit colder weather. Little did we know that colder weather meant several inches of snow! I couldn't have been happier about it, since I haven't gotten to experience snow in about 2 years since it didn't snow in Portland last year and I always just miss it whenever I come to Prescott. So waking up to a fresh blanket of sparkling white on Saturday morning was just what I wanted (although everyone else in Prescott was quite disgruntled with it). It was like taking a vacation to a winter wonderland- a great break to the summer like weather we've been having. Unfortunately I didn't pack for it though- only one pair of jeans, a thin cardigan, and no jacket... good thing I've got a mountain of clothing at my parents' house!

We began our trip at midnight Thursday night, because Stewie was busy doing things until then. We were planning on driving up to Phoenix that night to hang out with Stew's brother, brian, and didn't end up getting there until 2:30 in the morning! Luckily we had warned Brian of our late arrival so he was up when we got there and we ended up staying awake until 7am! It was absurd but so much fun. We slept in until about 2pm and then went to lunch at the pita jungle, which I had been wanting to try for a long time.


Excuse the mix of Nikon D40 pics and android pics. I went back and forth the whole trip. Don't Stewart and his brother look so similar though?

Anyways, we drove up to prescott that afternoon and experienced quite a weather change. It was so rainy and cloudy and dark- just the way I like it :)
We hung out with my parents for most of the night, and then moved stewarts car to his mom's so that it wouldn't get stuck in the snow that was predicted for that night. In the morning I was so happy to see 5 or six inches of it coating everything outside my window! Unfortunately snow never lasts long in prescott... by noon much of it had melted. It continued to snow on and off throughout the rest of the day, but no more than another inch stuck around. 

On Saturday we started out the day with chatting with my mom for a bit, and then I decided to make eggs benedict for breakfast. I don't generally like eggs- or breakfast for that matter- but eggs benedict is one dish that I can't turn down. Blame it on the hollandaise sauce- who can refuse something so lemony, buttery, and sinfully delicious? Emphasis on sinfully. It's gotta be like 500 calories a serving! Anyways, instead of using the ham which is typical I sliced up a tomato and sauteed the thick slices in olive oil and herbs. yummy yummy. I I poached the eggs which is always interesting and made the sauce from scratch- it's less of an undertaking than most people assume so if you dig hollandaise like I do I urge you to make it! We didn't have any english muffins (or bread for that matter) so I used a couple of hamburger buns we had lying around. Ridiculous, i know! but I toasted them and you couldn't tell the difference :)

Then we went to share a pot of coconut tea at the wild iris (soo yummy) and had fun just sitting and sipping and chatting.

 red lipstick marks all over my cup!
After that we tried to go to the local college, where my dad's painting had made it into the gallery. unfortunately it was closed... so we'll just have to check it out next time when it's in my house somewhere. I did manage to snap a few pics of a gorgeous cherry blossom tree with a bit of snow on it that was on the campus... so pretty.

After than we drove out to target because I've had a 50$ gift card burning a hole in my wallet for almost a year! I wanted to find boots, but they didn't have a single pair... so I opted for a really cute 20$ romper instead. I also tried on this dress, and I loved it but opted not to buy it.
After that I dropped stewie off at his moms so he could get his car and head to the party. I headed home and watched some tv with my dad, and then we made a fire in the fireplace and the three of us (my parents and myself) hung out and chatted for a while. Eventually we decided to get takeout (spinach enchiladas, nachos, and tortilla soup from casa alvarez- so yummy!) and ate in front of the fire in the living room. We then watched an episode of Harry's Law- a show my parents have been watching lately. After that I had stewart come pick me up and take me to the party, where I chatted with zillions of people and had a lot of fun. It was also incredibly sad, but a good way to send off a dear friend. 

On sunday I napped for a bit in the morning after staying up the whole night, and then watched Stranger than Fiction with my mom. I had never seen it in it's entirety, so it was fun to finally watch the whole thing through! Around 2 o clock stew and I decided to head back to tucson... I slept for a lot of the way which was SUCH a nice alternative to being the one who has to drive the whole 4 hour way. We picked up some chipotle for dinner, watched a few episodes of buffy and angel, and went to sleep. All in all, it was a very busy, very exhausting, but very fun weekend. I'm looking forward to next weekend being nice and quiet with plenty of time to clean up the apartment and start packing my stuff up to head back up north. 

Movie monday coming up tonight!


  1. It's funny cause I have that dress and I wear it with a cardigan that looks exactly like that. We could've had matching outfits.

  2. Looks like a good time! What movie are you watching?

  3. Mmm, I love Pita Jungle! And Chipotle.
    A few of the only things I miss about living in Mesa.
    Oh, and those photos of the cherry blossoms are really, really pretty! I'm glad someone enjoyed all the snow :)