14 April 2011

my free time recently

at school, at least, has been this:
Tucson weather has been swell, and I've got a couple hours a few days a week where I'm in between classes and don't want to go all the way home and back. So, I hang out on the grass in the lovely sunlight and read. I borrowed Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar from my mom a couple weeks ago and just finished it. It's quite a heavy book, but I thought it was an excellent read. It perked my interest in Sylvia Plath and now I want to go out and find her books of poetry. Although her life was depressing and morbid at times, I think she's really brilliant at expressing raw emotion and stringing words together to create something beautiful. Now that I'm finished with this book, I'm going to start reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, another book I borrowed from my mom. Have you guys read it? I've heard spectacular things about it.

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