26 April 2011

Movie Mondays: What Dreams May Come

On Sunday afternoon I decided to do something that I knew would be very, very bad for me. I decided to watch the pilot of Grey's Anatomy since the whole series is now on Netflix Instant. Of course, after the pilot I had to watch the second episode, and then the third, and the fourth... and then before I knew it it was monday evening and I had finished the first season, much to stewie's dismay. See, all this Grey's Anatomy time cut into our Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel time. It also cut into homework and  blogging time. I have a feeling this first month of summer that's about to start is going to be full of lots of cooking and hot doctor shows.

anyways, that means yet another late movie monday, but oh well! it was worth it :)
This is really an amazing movie, and it really deserves that academy award for visual effects. I mean, the story is great as well but it was the sheer beauty of this film that really captured me. absolutely stunning.

It is about a man named Chris and his wife and soulmate Annie. Their lives seem perfect until one day when they lose both of their children in a car accident. This sets of a chain of events that almost threatens to ruin their relationship, but they manage to pull through. However, several years later, Chris dies in a terrible accident. For a while his spirit lingers on earth and he attempts to contact his grieving and deeply depressed wife, but he soon realizes that this is only harming her more and he moves on.

Chris awakens in another reality, which is often described as heaven. It's not an up-in-the-clouds angels-flying-around-with-harps kind of heaven, though... it is a world completely made up by chris- and, seemingly, of paint. It is amazingly  beautiful and Chris finds that he is joined by his old dog and a friend and mentor he had known during his medical residency named Albert. Albert helps Chris become accustomed to his new world and shows him how to make everything real (rather than made up of paint).

It becomes clear that Annie and Chris truly are soulmates, as her paintings begin to be reflected in Chris' reality. Sadly, Annie eventually gives up and commits suicide. According to Albert, those who commit suicides tend to create "anti-fantasies" based on their pain, and thus their post-death realities are hell-like. Chris vows that he will voyage to this hell dimension and save his wife, despite the warnings from Albert that no one has ever succeeded at such a task.

There's all kinds of crazy stuff that happens, and people masquerading as other people and then revealing themselves... it's a really interesting movie about love and death and grief and soulmates. And it's so gosh darn pretty! beautiful bluish purples (my favorite color) are everywhere in this film.

This is by no means a light film, but one you should watch at some point for sure, if only because it stars Robin Williams in a rare but beautifully pulled off dramatic role.

this is the "studio trailer" which isn't so much a trailer but more of just clips of some of the prettiest/most interesting images in the movie. Surprisingly I couldn't find an actual trailer! oh well :)

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  1. I love this movie! It's always been a favourite of mine, and is one of Robin Williams' only non-comedy roles that I enjoy.