24 January 2011

100th post!

Hooray, this is the 100th post on Go1000f! Since I never got around to doing a 2010 review, I thought I'd commemorate my 100 posts by making one now, since I started this blog just a couple months into 2010. Yay! This may be image-heavy.


 Stewie and I pretty much spent my whole winter break together. We brought in the new year with a bunch of our friends at the old apartment, drinking champagne and mojitos and playing drenga and card games. I left mid-month to go back to portland, where I started my job as a telethon caller for my school. It was only 7 hours a week- 2 shifts sitting in the basement of one of the dorms in a tiny cubicle with a computer and a headset, making cold calls to parents, alumni, and friends of the college and asking for donations. It was not the best job I ever had.

 February was not a big picture-taking month for me. It rained, a lot. I spent my time at work, at the gym, and curled up in my dorm vidchatting. On valentines day I worked, and when I got off stewie and I opened each other's presents on skype. It was a cold, quiet month.


 During March I went home for spring break. I also started this blog! I arrived on st patty's day and right away got to work on a film class project that involved making a 12 frame digital photo storyboard. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. When I was done with that, Stew and I headed to our friends' house for a st patrick's day party, which was super fun! we spent the rest of the break going to movies, dinners, and hanging out with various friends... it was a great break. I went back to portland a week later and got back to work and school, blegh.


 One great thing about portland is that everything stays green year round and flowers start blooming really early... like in february. By April, lots of the roses outside my dorm had already fallen to the ground, but they all bloomed again a few weeks later. My mom came to visit me for a long weekend to help me pack up all my stuff. We stayed in a very nice lakeside hotel in lake oswego and spent the weekend walking around portland and hitting up some of my favorite places, like voodoo donuts and stumptown coffee.


 I got home for summer on cinco de mayo. We hung out at our friends  bri and random's apartment and did some low key celebrating. Later in the week I threw an end of school party at the local park which a surprising number of people showed up to. It was very fun, although people mostly failed at the whole potluck thing. I turned 19  and Stewie and I went down to tucson to check out the scene. We really, really liked it- mid may weather is some of the best tucson weather, I'd say. I got my job at mama eddas and started working a whole bunch! We went camping a couple times (ignore how spectacularly unattractive I am in that picture and just focus on the fact that we are quite obviously camping^^)... it was a great start to summer.


 June was full of summer activities. We went to quite a few pools, took several trips to frog falls, and took even more trips to the salt river to go tubing. Stewie turned 20, my sister turned 22.


 July was a very, very busy month. I took about 2.5 weeks off work and stewie and I went to california to see my sister and our friend marby and go to sufi camp. We spent some time in costa mesa, sherman oaks, newport beach, and laguna beach before driving up to mendocino/fort bragg. It was a great time! Also in July I threw a garden party and made cute little things like caprese bites and a watermelon shell full of assorted melon balls. It was very cute. I also went on a trip down to the pointe hilton in phoenix with some of my girlfriends. We had such an amazing time floating in the lazy river all day and drinking girly soda-like drinks. Also in July, my friend margaret, stewie's older brother brian, and I celebrated the 211'th day of the year. 211 is the address of the old apartment we used to live in. At the time, there was only one apartment being inhabited and that person wasn't home, so we sat on the roof and the rocks outside and drank 211 steel reserve while remembering all the fun times we had had there.

 During August I cherished my last few days working at mama eddas. One of my best friends Natalie and I went down and gave out pizza on the square for one of the last rounds of Prescott idol. Nat and I also had an epic 13 day streak of hanging out and having amazing times... Her friend from alaska came to visit and marby came back for a couple weeks. We took one final salt river trip, watched a meteor shower together, played all kinds of fun games, took a trip to jerome hours before I was supposed to work, and basically had a really amazing final few weeks in prescott. I moved down to Tucson around the 20th and started school about a week later.


 September was mostly just school. The coolest thing that happened was the VW festival in Jerome! We stew and I drove up for the weekend and spent a few nights camping with tons of other vw lovers. There were some really awesome cars and we had a really spectacular time. I love camping!


 October was good fun. Stewie and I took a brief trip up to Prescott for his Grandpa's funeral and we did a lot of typical prescott-fall stuff, like walk on the square and get coffee and st michaels and cuppers. We also picked apples, made an apple pie, visited a pumpkin patch, and threw a small dinner and boardgames party. Later in the month I wrote my five days of halloween post, in which stew and I ate and drank some fun halloween treats, carved pumpkins, made our costumes (captain morgan and the absinthe fairy, not pictured), and went to a couple fun parties.


 Stewie bought a fun build-as-you-play boardgame called zombies which we played a few times. We took yet another trip to prescott for thanksgiving, and spent some time walking around the square and to our old hangouts. We had a nice thanksgiving dinner with my family, my grandpa on my dad's side, my grandma on my mom's side, and my aunt and uncle. It was very nice.


 December was a very lovely month. My finals were pretty much quick and painless, and I even got an A+ on an extremely dull and boring research paper. I was very proud. I drove up to prescott by myself and it was very cold and rainy. A few days later my family drove to california, where we celebrated christmas. We got a christmas tree, decorated cookies, made gingerbread houses, and made gifts for each other. It was a really wonderful time. I spent the next week and a half at my sisters house, spending some time with her and her friends and my friend marby. New years was nice and quiet... 6 of us drank mimosas and played scattergories all night haha. Very low key and fun.

It's been a great year! And 2011 is already off to a wonderful start. Happy 100th post to me! Thank you to all of you who follow and/or read this blog... knowing people enjoy reading what I write makes everything twice as fun!! I hope all of you had a wonderful 2010, and I hope your 2011 is even better.

101st post coming soon!


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  1. It is so cool that you have done so many posts!!!! Some might say I have an unhealthy obsession with you, since I have read them all.... but whatever, I'm just really interested in your life because it's so awesome :)