21 January 2011

30 Day Challenge- 08

 Day 08 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

I wouldn't say the day I graduated was the moment I felt most satisfied with my life, but my whole senior year and the summer following was full of wonderful satisfying moments.

My senior year was when I hung out with some of the most amazing people I've ever met. I met and started dating stewart. I was in AP English and AP Calculus and did well in both classes (which just earned me 6 free credits in college^^). I had SO much fun. I made a full length film documenting my last summer before going to college. We threw some of the most fun parties.

When I graduated I felt very proud and very hopeful for the future. I had (and still have) great friends, people at my favorite coffee shop knew my order (important in my opinion haha), I had gotten into a really good college, I had a pretty sweet job, and I had some amazing plans for the summer. The next three months were a whirlwind of wonderful experiences.

My 18th birthday, a couple weeks before graduation, was hands down the best bday party i've ever had. I had a luau with pina coladas and margaritas, I wore a grass skirt, and people literally counted down to midnight, when it was officially my birthday. It was such a fun, fun party, and I connected with some really wonderful people.

My whole senior year was just a wonderful time- so full of achievement, hope, craziness, love, and fun. I hope for many more years like that!!


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