19 January 2011

30 Day Challenge- 06

 Day 06 - A photo of yourself and write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

1. I haven't dyed my hair since I was 13
2. I used to be really, really into broadway. I still like musical theatre but it's not my life. My favorite shows are Rent and Spring Awakening
3. When I was younger I played the harp
4. I lived in the same house from the time I was brought home from the hospital up until I moved away to college when I was 18. When I'm home during breaks, I still sleep in the same bedroom.
5. I have always loved watching home movies of myself and my sister. I even liked the ones from before I was born.
6. My favorite actresses are Kate Winslet and Rachel McAdams. I think they are both spectacularly beautiful and talented.
7. I bought a ps2 just so I could play kingdom hearts. The only other ps2 game i own is a harry potter and the chamber of secrets game.
8. I have only ever dated dark haired boys.
9. I'm a film major and classics minor. I'm going to Greece and Turkey this summer to study.
10. I got a perfect score on my ACT Reading Comprehension
11. I drive a white stick-shift subaru outback that I bought from my aunt and uncle.
12. I have absurdly poor vision. I think I might be legally blind. I've been wearing contact lenses since I was eleven.
13. In highschool I played Meg (the oldest sister) in our musical production of Little Women.
14. I really miss Portland and I hope to move back there someday. Probably not to settle down, but just to live for a little while.
15. In elementary school my friends and I would play harry potter at recess and lunch. I was hermione.
16. I've been going to a sufi camp in Northern California since I was 3 years old.
17. In once walked to the downtown square at 3 or 4 in the morning and ran through the sprinklers.
18. I own every season of friends and have watched them all dozens of times.
19. One of my favorite meals is just cheese, bread, and fruit. Wine doesn't hurt either.
20. Tequila is the only hard liquor that doesn't make my stomach turn when I sniff or taste it.
21. Even though there are lots of career paths I think it would be fun to follow, I mostly just want to be able to stay at home, take care of my family, blog, cook, and maybe write novels.
22. This summer (after I get back from europe) I'm going to be the head chef at a camp for 20-40 young adults. I am both excited and terrified.
23. I have an irrational fear of getting hit in the ankles by shopping carts that are behind me.
24. I've been an on and off vegetarian/vegan since I was 12
25. When I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring, I decided I wanted to marry Elijah Wood. Then I saw the second harry potter movie (at age 12) and decided I wanted to marry Daniel Radcliffe.
26. When I was younger I wanted to be a scientist or paleontologist when I grew up. My grandparents would buy me chemistry sets and those blocks of sand with plastic dinosaur bones inside to be excavated and I LOVED them. Science was my worst subject in public school.
27. There was a period of time when I watched Moulin Rouge every single night before I went to bed.
28. I enjoy cleaning
29. I have homebrewed honey mead several times. Sometime I'll post about it probably
30. I wouldn't at all mind settling down in the same place I grew up, but I'd like to live lots of other places between now and when that time comes. I'd also like to keep traveling with my family until I'm too old to get out of bed.

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