05 January 2011

New Years Resolutions

So, as you may have noticed I have not been doing my movie mondays for the past 1-2 weeks- I'm taking a brief break from them since I'm in Mexico and don't feel like I have the mental capacity or drive to accomplish good movie posts. Did you know you can't watch Netflix in mexico? If I could I might have posted a couple movies. I do have a good one in mind for the next one though.

I have some time right now because I don't feel like going to class and there's an hour and a half until lunch and I'm hoping stewie will get online sometime very soon. So, I've decided to do my New Years Resolutions Post. I have a coupe in my mind that I have already thought about but I didn't really think much about it before the new year, so I'll probably make some of them up as I go.
1. Continue to strive for happiness- not success, not money, not numerous invitations to social functions, unless any of those things lead to pure happiness. Furthermore, I will not do anything I do not want to do, unless it will ultimately lead me to happiness. i.e., I will go to class even if I don't want to (because getting an education and a degree will make me VERY happy), but I will not drink at a party just because everyone else is and it's there. Unless I want to, and it will make me happy.

2. Maintain a weight of 120 pounds. I'm pretty sure this is my most healthy and normal weight. In highschool I really wanted to get down to 110 but now I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be healthy. I don't want to just weigh 120 pounds though, I want to be healthy- meaning I'm going to continue my workout regime and hopefully work our 6 days a week. I've been slacking with it because of all the traveling I've been doing, but I took a hike (in the humid mexican weather) this morning, and it felt soooo good that I can't wait to get back to the gym.

3. Be more outgoing and make several new friends. I've never been the most talkative person, and through most of my life I've been fairly shy. In high school I had plenty of wonderful friends, but when I went to college I was unable to find anyone I could really connect with. I still had quite a few friends and had some really fun times, but it wasn't quite the same... I'm happy to be back in arizona where all my old friends live, but we are all slowly drifting apart. This year I would really like to learn to be more personable and extroverted. I'd like to not think so much about what everyone else is doing and thinking and concentrate more on just having fun and meeting people. I am joining choir this semester and going to greece over summer so hopefully that will give me plenty of opportunities to meet some new, interesting people.

4. Spend more carefully and save more money. I have been saving 20 dollars a week for about 3 months now, and I wonder why I haven't been doing it all my life. I'd like to continue saving and continue using a budget to plan how much I want to spend each month and how much I hope to save. If timing works out I'd also like to find a job, but with the timing for my major classes and the fact that I will be abroad for most of summer I probably won't be able to work until september.

5. Continue going on dates, playing games, laughing, joking, and loving with stewart. He has been such a special part of my life for two and a half years now and hopefully we can continue having enough fun with each other to last another year. We always have so much fun together and I can't wait to get back to tucson!

6. Find more things to be passionate about. Lately I feel like a lot of the passion has gone from my life. I used to eat, sleep, and breathe musical theatre, but that pretty much ended halfway through my senior year of high school. I would really like to find something new that makes me excited and interested and happy. I've started writing/brainstorming ideas for a novel, so maybe that can be my new passion... or maybe it will be something else. I don't know. I just think its important to have things in life that you truly and deeply enjoy.

7. Always be reading a book. I just finished the time traveller's wife (oh my goodness, wow. I cried on a bus with 40 other people on it.), and I'm about to start eat, pray, love. I have a list of books that I want to read, and my hope is that there is no chunk of time this year during which I am not reading any books. The trick will be finding a library with a good selection, or doing some thrifty spending on amazon.  Or finding well-read friends to borrow from.

8. Worry less. I don't know what it is but in the past couple years my fears and worries have intensified. Like, I've found a newfound fear of heights that I never used to have. When I was a kid taking off in an airplane was my favorite part, and now (although it's still somewhat fun) my belly drops and I clutch the hand rest nervously and think "please, please let us get off the ground safely". And this morning my family went whale watching in a small motor boat, and as soon as we got going I started thinking "wow, I really hope this boat doesn't stop working or flip over... that would be terrible". I don't know what that's about... I just think about the consequences or risks associated with things way more now than I used to. I'd like to try to put those worries aside again and feel a little more confident in the world... while still being safe.

9. Do more creative things. I've always considered myself to be highly creative, but sometimes I get caught up in life and I forget to get back to writing or drawing or singing. I would definitely like to find more time for doing those kinds of things, because I love the feeling they give me. I'm joining choir so that's good, and trying to write a novel, so that's also good. I took a ceramics class last year so maybe I can try to find another artistic class that will make me feel like I'm using all sides of my brain to maximum capacity :)

10. Write 300 blog posts. This allows for 56 days when I don't write a blog, if I write one per day, which I don't always do. Sometimes I write multiple blogs a day. I'd really like to continue increasing the traffic to GO1000F and getting more readers, so hopefully writing often will help to do this. Even if the posts are just a quote or a small update on my life, I'd like to keep posting- not just for readers, but as a way of documenting my life so that years down the road I can read back on these posts and remember all the stuff I did in 2010 and on.

11. Start compiling recipes and trying new ones from online, magazines, cookbooks, etc. I know how to cook quite well but I hardly ever cook any of the amazing things I see online. Mostly because a. I don't have much money to buy ingredients or specialty items and b. I'm too lazy to go to the grocery store to get ingredients when I have all the ingredients for something else in my kitchen. I'd like to expand my cooking repertoire though, and also get back to vegetarian and mostly vegan living. I've been pretty lax on the vegan thing lately. Although I'm still going to eat whatever I want if I want to eat it. I just want to eat mostly vegan. But that's a whole different issue. I want to do more cooking :)

That's all I can really come up with for now- 11 resolutions for 2011. Hopefully I will be able to maintain them :) What are you resolutions for this year?

See you later lovelies.

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