15 January 2011

30 Day Challenge- 02

Day 02- Where you'd like to be in ten years.

Hmmm. So much can change in just a few months that it's hard to know what on earth my ambitions and desires might be ten yeras from now, but i'll give this a shot.

In ten years I would like to be either married or in a commited long-term relationship. If I am married, it will only have been for one or two years.
I will have a career (not just a job) that I love and enjoy. It will be something creative- preferably something I can do a lot of at home or out and about. No cubicle for me, thanks. Something in the film industry would be nice, but there are dozens of other things I would enjoy doing as well.
I will spend a lot of time with family and friends. No matter where I live, I will make frequent trips to Prescott to see my parents. I will also visit my sister wherever she is at least a few times a year.
In fact, I will travel a lot in general. My job will be flexible enough to allow this (in other words, not a nine to five). Maybe I will  even be my own boss- that would certainly make things easier.
I will be thinking about having a baby within the next couple of years.
I will live in a quaint (not huge and not cluttered, but beautiful in it's rustic charm) house with a garden and a backyard. I will cook vegetarian food with fresh ingredients and bake cookies often. When I have kids, my house will be the one all the little ones want to come over to, because I will always have a cookie jar of fresh (and sometimes secretly vegan, hehe) cookies.
I will sing, maybe in the local college choir.
I will take lots and lots of photos, and maybe some videos.
I will go to farmers markets, VW festivals, art walks, community theater shows, pumpkin patches, and small cafes.
I will go camping and hiking often.
I will meditate.
I will keep going to sufi camp.
I will keep doing only things that make me happy.
I will be a lot like I am right now, only very different.

At least that's what I think right now, at 19. My 29 year old self could have some VERY different things to say about the matter.

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