02 January 2011


Sorry I haven't posted recently, it's been a whirlwind of a winter break. I spent about 2 weeks in Los Angeles with my sister and had a great time hanging out with her, her boyfriend, her roommates, and my wonderful friend Marby! We all spent new years together and had a blast playing scattergories and catchphrase and drinking mimosas. It was a very calm and very fun new years celebration. The next day my parents drove back over to california and this morning the four of us got up and headed to LAX. We had to wait in the LONGEST line to check our bags... it went out the door and like 100 yards down the sidewalk. UGH. but, we got in eventually and security was a breeze. The flight was pretty short and pleasant, and at about 2:30 we touched down in the puerto vallarta airport! The immigration line was reaaaally long too, but eventually we got out of the airport and to our hotel- a lovely little place with a courtyard with lanterns and lots of foliage. Our room has three twin beds and a double- kind of odd. We walked down to the ocean (only about 2 blocks away) and walked up and down the boardwalk. We got some dinner and sat literally about 2 feet from where the water came up. It was really nice and fun. Afterwards we walked back up to our hotel and now we're all hanging out and doing our own thing.

I'm really excited to go to Chacala tomorrow to the retreat center. I think it will be an absolutely AMAZING end to my winter vacation.

Anyways, I just wanted to stop in since I've been so busy lately. Sometime in the next week or two i'll post some new years resolutions, a 2010 post, and a more extensive winter break post.

happy new year lovelies!

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