24 September 2010

Caprese Bites

I'm still bringing on the summer recipes, although after this one they start to transition more into anytime recipes. This is almost stupidly simple, to the point that it's ridiculous that I'm even posting it. All the talent it requires is the ability to cut cheese into cubes and put things on a toothpick. Think you can handle it?
I made this for a party that I had at my house last summer (one of the things that didn't make the summer wrap-up cut). Basically, I came home from my vacation in California, went to my parent's house, looked into our backyard and was overcome by the abundance of zucchini, squash, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, and green grass. Aside from the garden, my Dad had planted flowers in planters and pots all around our house and deck. I was overcome by a desire to throw a garden party. 

Mostly when I throw parties it's my excuse to get all dressed up and think of awesome themed apps and drinks and treats to make. I love parties. I just love them. Almost as much as I love holidays, but not quite. The garden party was really spur of the moment- like, I came home and saw all the pretty flowers, and then called all my friends and told them to be there in 3 hours- so I had to think quickly about what I wanted to make. I wanted everything to be very light and summery and cool and delicious. I can't remember if the party idea or the caprese bites idea came first... I think I might have just been looking for an excuse to make them... but regardless, they turned out delicious and everyone loved them.

The key is fresh basil- if you grow your own, use it. Of course, summer basil plants are probably pretty much done for the season... but if you still have some leaves left and happen to be throwing a party, these are a classy and delicious hors d'Ĺ“uvre spin on the Italian salad.

Caprese Bites
As many cherry tomatoes as you want to have bites
1 ball of buffalo mozzarella
About 15-20 fresh basil leaves, cut in half if large.
olive oil
kosher salt
black pepper

As you can see, amounts all depend on how many bites you want to have. basically, you want one 1 inch square or leaf of basil and 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch cube of mozzarella. I think I chopped up my mozzarella first, then counted how many cubes I had. Then I went out and picked my basil accordingly.

1. Wash your basil and tomatoes

2. Cut your mozzarella into chunks

3. Get a bunch of toothpicks and put a cube of mozzarella on the end (this will make the bite stand up straight), followed by a basil leaf, and finally a cherry tomato.

4. Arrange all the bites on a serving plate. drizzle with olive oil and then top with salt and pepper. Then serve! I can't believe I even posted this as a recipe it's so simple.

I'll be back tomorrow with another dish. Or maybe something different. This isn't JUST a food blog, after all.


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