13 November 2010

Webcam Fun

This is the 50th post of GO1000F which is both exciting and also kind of pathetic because i've had this thing since March of this year! Ah, well... I'm posting much more now and I'm going to keep it that way. This is just going to be a short and silly post of all the ridiculous pics stewie and i took last night while we were messing around with the extras on my computer's webcam.
 One of the extras makes you look like you're breathing fire when you open your mouth. We took about a zillion pictures trying to make it look like we were both doing it, but i guess it only works for one person. this pic is still hilarious though :)
 Since stewie couldn't breathe fire, I let him be the censored-eye man.

 Me as a Tim Burton character!
 two-headed emilem!! lol
 Creepy fat unibrow'd double-necked stewbean
 Stewie as a Tim Burton Character!
 bitey monsters

 covergirl and boy :) I didn't get to choose the captions on the magazine though :(
 my favorite! we look so pathetic.

haha. that was our silly friday night. enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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