14 November 2010

Date #1: Time Capsule

Hooray for Date #1! This date took place yesterday, November 13th 2010. I have to remember, because Stew and I are going to try to crank out all 100 in one year.

On the list we got online, this one was actually one of the last ideas and it suggested making a capsule and burying it to be dug up in ten years. Stewie and I both agreed that that was absolutely ridiculous, since we're only 19 and 20 and ten years is a long time to ask us to keep in touch. We decided to shoot for one year instead, which works well with one 1 year of dates thing.

We took things from both of our apartments that reminded us of each other and put them in a cleaned out peanut jar. It was really fun finding different things from our relationship! here are a few:

 These are two things Stewie gave to me a long time ago. The bracelet he made for his senior math class (something about combinations and patterns... remember those?) and gave to me after. That was like 2 years ago. The little coin purse is from a year and a half ago. Stewie used to work at a little privately owned movie theatre in prescott and all summer long me and a couple of our other friends would just watch free movies when we had nothing better to do. I miss that soooooooo much. The theatre closed about a month after I moved to Portland unfortunately. Anyways, they had a few of those 50 cent machines in the lobby where you can get candy or little prizes and while Stewie was working one day he went over and got this little purse. I think he put a candy or something in it and then brought it to me while I was watching some movie (star trek maybe?). It was really sweet :)
 These are some pictures of various things we share and love... the show Dollhouse by Joss Whedon (soooo sooo good!!!), the movie Wristcutters: A Love Story, the tv show Friends, the Harry Potter series, arizona southern sweet tea, and jalapeno cheddar cheetos. Yum!
 The keychain is one I got from paris when I was 14. I got about 30 of them and gave them to all my friends, some of whom still had them when I started hanging out with Stewart 3 years later! I think stew saw one of them and liked it so I brought him one of the extras I still had. The business card is from the Arizonan motel in Flagstaff. Summer of 09 Stew and I tried to go camping and ended up driving right into a crazy rainstorm right around Camp verde! So, we decided to alter our course and spend the night in flagstaff, where we ate pita pit and hung out in barnes and noble and stayed in this awesome hotel. The next day we ate our would have been camping food in the car- we even heated up our veggie burgers in a gas station microwave haha.
All through last year while I was in Portland, Stewart and I sent a notebook back and forth to each other. We would keep it for a couple weeks at a time each. At the start of the year I bought two plastic bubble-wrap lined envelopes so we could reuse them- one with my address on it and one with his. We decided that before we sent the notebook off each time, we should draw something on the package! This is the one I sent to him- the one he sent me has different drawings.

We also wrote letters to each other to be read when we dig up the time capsule in one year's time. We aren't going to bury it until we go home for thanksgiving in a couple weeks though, because my parent's house/backyard is the only place I'm 100% certain we will still have access to then!

Making the time capsule was really fun. I think i did it once before, with girl scouts maybe. come to think of it, i don't remember ever digging that one back up haha. Anyways, you don't have to make one with your significant other, you can make it with a friend or family member or just by yourself. I've always thought it was a cool idea to preserve yourself at a moment in time and then be able to uncover it in the future. If you're so inclined, I suggest you make one :) there are even online sites that do virtual time capsules if you aren't into the whole finding various knick knacks and burying them in the ground thing. Try http://www.electronictimecapsule.com/time-capsule/index.php

After we made our capsule, stew and I made vegetarian Chicken tuscany (which was basically just lightly roasted red peppers stuffed with chicken patties rolled up with mozarella and spinach and baked- simple and delicious) and watched HP 3 and 4. tonight is Subway for dinner (blegh... sooo sick of it!) and HP 5 and 6! Hope your sunday was lovely and I will see you tomorrow.


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  1. hey, I seem to remember making a time capsule a long time ago, too... but I don't remember ever digging one up either! I wonder if it was with Girl Scouts after all. I'll ask mom/Fearless Girl Scout Leader next time we talk, maybe she remembers. I'll bet it had some weird stuff in it...