06 November 2010


my blogger friends, just stopping by to say a quick "hi". Today was I guess semi productive but it doesn't really feel like it in retrospect haha. Stewart and I woke up laaate because we were up until about 4 am last night watching friends... oops. Then we both tried to work on important things on our computers. I looked into more study abroad stuff for Greece next summer, picked out my classes for spring so I can register at 6 am on monday, and then helped stew put together a 4 year plan. It ended up taking a lot of time and I had been planning on whipping out the human geography & global systems paper I have due on monday, but never got around to it... oh well, tomorrow I guess. Anyways, the rest of the night Stew and I decided to have a date night! We bought some yummy yummy aged irish cheddar cheese, I had some leftover chevre from the sundried tomato and raosted garlic cheesecake, and we got a loaf of french bread and a bunch of grapes. And then we ate and ate and ate. It was so delicious :) We also bought tickets to go to harry potter in 2 weeks and then we spent our whole date night playing board games! Haha. sounds kind of lame but it was actually really, really fun. We played parcheesi (which was my favorite), a game called Albuquerque, connect four, and a chutes and ladders like game. So, so, so fun. I'll post more about it later along with the super cute and awesome idea we had... But for now, Stewie just got out of the bathroom and now we're going to watch a movie! Have a happy friday night, see you tomorrow!


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  1. "Stewie just got out of the bathroom..."
    That's classy. I bet I was brushing my teeth or something. You could of just said:
    "Stewie just got done brushing his teeth..."
    But now the whole world just imagined me in the bathroom. Lol.