16 November 2010

Tonight is Officially Baking Night

 Happy Tuesday everyone! I've been feeling a little under the weather lately (I'm trying to kick it before I have to admit to having a full-on flu) but have been going to the gym anyways... But when I came home from working out yesterday and felt like I was going to pass out/throw up and couldn't get down more than a couple bites of the spaghetti Stewie had made for me, I decided to take a little break to give my body time to fight whatever's getting at me. Which means no gym tonight... and since I don't have any [pressing] homework to do and I do have a pie pumpkin that has been sitting on my table begging to be used, I decided it was time to take action.

Tonight is officially Baking Night.

That means I'm going to roll out a pie crust, puree up some pumpkin, and also make some more bread for this week/pizza crusts for dinner in a couple days. Hooray for my new little jar of yeast! It's gonna be a jam packed evening but I love cooking and baking so no complaints.

Anyways I just wanted to say hi and let you know what was up before I go to the grocery store to pick up a pie pan. Yesterday and today I turned in two BIG projects for two different classes so I'm feeling pretty accomplished. My grandma, aunt, and uncle came down to see me today and go to lunch and that was really nice so overall I'm in a pretty good mood today. 3 days till HP and 1 week and half a day until home for thanksgiving! I'll be back tomorrow, probably with a pumpkin pie post and maybe some other stuff. Have a good night!


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