22 November 2010

Movie Mondays: The Business of Being Born

Today's movie will certainly appeal to a slimmer audience than usual, but I wanted to post it for a few reasons. 1, everyone in the universe seems to be pregnant and about to give birth right now! I know like 5 different people! It's so weird. I guess it's just the age group I'm sidling up into. Weird. 2, Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet just had her baby boy Henry this morning! It's very very exciting :). 3, What with all the pregnancies going on around me recently, I've become interesting in looking into the pros and cons of natural birth vs. medicated birth, mid wife vs. doctor, hospital vs. home. and 4, a good documentary is something I really love and enjoy, and I want other people to love and enjoy them too ^^

So without further ado, today's film is The Business of Being Born.

 This movie is wonderful. Basically, former talk-show host Ricki Lake had her first child in a hospital and wasn't too happy about the way everything went down. She had a lot of questions afterward which made her decide to create a documentary that "takes a hard look at America's maternity care system, juxtaposing hospital deliveries against the growing popularity of at-home, natural childbirths that some expectant parents are opting for". There are many sets of parents that are interviewed in the film, both those who can't imagine having to go through the pain of labor medication-free and those who are determined to have their bay at home with a mid wife. There is also a whoooole lot of home-video footage, some of it a tad graphic... but it's very interesting to see how each woman goes through labor in her own way. There is even footage of Ricki Lake's second experience with labor (at home with a mid wife) and footage of a mid-wife's own labor experience.

The movie also looks into the scientific and historical aspects of labor. It shows the actual effects and purposes of the medications used in hospitals, the reasons behind America's distaste for anything but a hospital birth, and what prompts doctors to decide that it's time to induce. It's extremely, extremely interesting, especially for someone who has had, is about to have, or is planning to someday have children of their own.

A lot of the pregnant women I know are opting for natural births which is what prompted me to check this film out. I'm very glad I did! If you know anyone who is pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you should show them this movie. It's definitely not a fun family film or anything- but I found it to be extremely educational, interesting, and sweet and funny at many moments.

Here's the trailer:

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  1. I watched this a few months in to my pregnancy, and it's one of the reasons I am opting for a natural birth. Such a good, informative movie - and I really enjoyed how they look at every aspect of birth, instead of trying to push doing it more naturally. Good Movie Monday pick!
    (Actually, I think I'll re-watch this today, since I am due in just 10! days.)