09 November 2010

Tired, tired tuesday

I am so exhausted! I love November but I hate all the craziness that comes at the end of the semester. I have at least one big thing to do or work on every week until the end of the semester- tests, projects, essays, blegh I just want to be done already. Money has been really tight so Stewie and I have put of grocery shopping for about 3 weeks now... luckily we have a lot of pasta and canned goods so I've been able to think of things to make but we literally have no fresh vegetables and that's killing me... I can't wait until next weekend when hopefully we can get food again. I also have lots of bills to pay and complicated annoying errands to run and thinking about it all makes me just want to curl up and go back to sleep. Every time I start to feel productive (like I did after turning in that essay yesterday), I remember all the other stuff I have to do and I go back to feeling suffocated by work. I hate it >.<

In other news, Stewie and I did a pretty intense ab workout last night and I woke up this morning feeling sooo sore. I've never experienced this kind of ab soreness so this must mean our workout really, well, worked lol. We also put together a lasagna yesterday afternoon (with of the one yellow squash I had remaining from my veggie shopping 3 weeks ago) and it was so nice to just pop it in the oven when we got home. Plus, now I have yummy yummy homemade lunches for the rest of the week. I think Lasagna gets a bad rep for being complicated or whatever, but it's actually one of the simplest meals ever... All you need is some ricotta, lasagna noodle, sauce, and fresh veggies. You can even make a vegan "ricotta" out of tofu and some other stuff that tastes exactly like the real thing- and then within ten minutes you have a delicious, healthy, vegan lasagna that just need to be baked for thirty minutes and will feed you for a week. But here I go talking about food like the big food nerd I am.

Here are some things to look forward to this week:
- No class on thursday! I couldn't be happier than this, I really need the weekend extension.
- Harry Potter Weekend on tv. I love the HP books and last year I read them all again and Stewie read them for the first time with me- so we're both huge fans. I can't wait for the movie to come out next weekend (we already have tickets), and this weekend one of the cable channels is doing a hp movie marathon- so stew and I are going to spend at least one day in our pjs with a bunch of tv snacks watching ALL the movies. I can't wait.
- Hiking. When my mom came to visit she showed me a couple really cool places to go hiking and I've wanted to go back ever since. Since we have a long weekend, I think this will be the perfect opportunity!
- Vegan cupcakes. I have some extra cupcake liners (because I had extra chocolate from the caramel apple witches so I bought liners and made peanut butter cups- lord knows I can't let extra things like chocolate and cupcake liners go to waste), so what better way to use them up than some delicious and not-so-nutritious-but-better-than-your-average-cupcake cupcakes? I'll probably bake these on sunday and eat them all week long.
- Getting work done. DONE. I have two big projects due next monday and tuesday and I'm going to get them done with this weekend and not think about them ever, EVER again.
- Date No. 1 of Stewie's and my 100 dates <3

*yawn* I think I may try to take a nap now before my 4 pm class. Gym and homework tonight and then early 10 am class tomorrow... counting down til the weekend :)

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