01 November 2010

Movie Mondays: Dakota Skye

Welcome to a new segment here on girl of a thousand faces- Movie Mondays! I started a segment once before called Saturday Night Tunes and (oops...) only did it once. But that was during like, the first 2 weeks of blogging and smack dab in the middle of spring finals. Who knows, maybe I'll pick that one back up pretty soon... but for now, with me being a media arts major and all, I thought it would be pretty hard for me to mess up a segment about movies.

I've always really enjoyed film, especially quirky indie films that not many people know about. Now as a film and television major, I see at least 2 and typically 3 or 4 films a week- for class alone. Then I go home and watch all sorts of other shows and movies on netflix, hulu, and fancast. My life is full of media and I love it.

For that reason, I'm sure I'll never run out of awesome movies to share with you! Today is one of my favorites of all time that I discovered on Netflix Instant about a year ago. It's called Dakota Skye.

Dakota Skye is an awesome awesome awesome indie film starring the adorable and spunky Eileen April Boylan (who happens to have the same birthday as me, which I just found out thanks to IMDB. Awesome!). She has also been seen as Betsy in the tv show Greek, and various other shows in minor roles. The film also stars J.B.Ghuman Jr. as Dakota Skye's (Boylan) jerk-ish musician boyfriend and Ian Nelson as her potential new love interest.

I don't want to give too much away about the plot, and I also don't want to go too into detail because when I first read the plot synopsis I thought this movie sounded totally laaaame. But I watched it one night because it was rated pretty highly and I couldn't find aything else and I am SO GLAD I DID. The story is about a teenage girl who was born with a superpower-ish ability to always know when people are lying. As she describes in the film, it's like in foreign films where someone says something and then words show up on the screen showing what they mean. When someone tells a lie to anyone and Dakota is in range, she always knows what they actually mean. As you can imagine, this might be a somewhat depressing existence because it turns out people rarely ever say what they actually mean.

And so, Dakota is a pretty cynical young lady who has pretty much given up hope in humanity- until she meets Jonah (Nelson), a boy who seems to tell no lies.

What follows is pretty much spectacular and despite the somewhat amateur feel of this film (it's definitely low budget indie), I love love love it and have watched it zillions of times. Here's the trailer:

Oh, and did I mention it takes place in beautiful, beautiful Arizona? I think Scottsdale, but the main characters drive up north to the grand canyon and you see at least one road sign for tucson, which makes me happy :)

DEFINITELY watch this movie. It's amazing!

Hope you had a stress-less monday <3



  1. Thanks for sharing your blog.I just saw this movie at the film festival and I was blown away by the quality of the writing,the acting and the soundtrack.

  2. Ah, I love indie films. Just added it to my Instant Queue.