15 November 2010

Movie Mondays: Ira and Abby

This week's movie monday is another serendipitous find on Netflix instant (it's still on there). The description sounded kind of dull but it was rated highly so I watched it and I'm glad I did! The movie, my friends, is called Ira and Abby.
The film is about slightly neurotic Ira, who has seen numerous psychologists and is having a bit of a quarter-life crisis. Feeling fat one day, he decides to become a member at a gym. When he goes in, he meets Abby- a life-loving, spontaneous, and kinda flaky woman who gives him a tour of the fitness center. The two spend the next couple hours together in the gym, talking about themselves and life... and then Abby (being the crazy girl she is) suggests that they get married, because "what's going so great in your life?" and "half of all marriages end in divorce, so we'd probably have just as good a chance as anyone else".

Abby's parents are free spirited, funky, and totally supportive. Ira's are uptight, rich, and definitely not. Regardless, the two end up getting married and simultaneously learning about who they and each other are. But that's not all this movie is about. That would be too simple! Turns out it's not always the best idea to marry random strangers. I don't want to give away too much but the movie is really an amazing look into the ups and downs of a relationship and it asks the question, "Is getting married really all it's cracked up to be?"

In the end, the movie shows that all that really matters is love.

It's such a sweet and funny movie and really makes you think about social expectations for relationships. Go watch it! Here's the trailer:

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