07 November 2010

Lovely Sunday

*Yawn* what a wonderful, relaxing, busy, and fun weekend. Stewie and I had our date on Thursday night and stayed up late late late watching the movie Groundhog Day. Have you seen it? It's a 90s Bill Murray film and neither of us had seen it since we were really little... My parents have it on VHS and I remember staying home sick from elementary school and watching it and thinking it was SUCH a good movie. And it really is. I love revisiting things from years and years ago.

Saturday was really lazy and relaxing (like, stayed in my PJs until 4:30 pm lazy and relaxing), but also pretty productive! I had a human geography and global systems paper to write (and if you were wondering, yes, it is the dullest class in the entire universe) and I was absolutely DREADING it. We were supposed to take our first paper from the semester and revise it/add a whole new concept to it and I HATE doing that kind of thing because when I write papers I usually just write the whole thing out in one sitting and then don't look at it again until the next morning when I reread it and make changes as I see fit. It's always worked for me. I hate spending hours revamping a whole paper... but I decided to get it done and 7 hours later it was. And it's beautiful, let me tell you- 3 pages of figures and tables, 7 pages of text, and a whopping 9 different sources. I better get a good grade on this thing >.<

Stewie convinced me to watch the first two episodes of battlestar galactica after I had finished writing my paper and picked him up from work... And I have to admit, I didn't hate it. It's still not really up my alley but I'm willing to keep going.

But today, sunday, was the really fun and productive day. I took stewart to work and decided to stick around the mall and do some shopping. I was in desperate need of a new wallet, since my current one looked like this:
and since I knew it was unlikely that I would be able to just buy a wallet, I decided to allow myself to spend 20 dollars (woo big money! lol... if only. 'tis the life of a jobless college student). I ended up spending 30 dollars, but I'm not complaining because it was money very well spent! Sometimes it can be really depressing "shopping" during these times, because I can't really afford anything even though everything looks so cute... so my shopping routine is basically just me wandering through rows of cute stuff fantasizing about being able to buy it and then checking the price tag and quickly hurrying along on my way. But today, that depressing routine was mixed in with some excitement at some really sweet deals! I'm not one to flaunt my things around for the world to see, but in this case I think it's pretty awesome that 30 dollars covered all of this:
That's a grey cami, sunglasses, a wallet, 3 cute hair clips, and two gorgeous gorgeous wintery/fall colored dresses- perfect for tucson. yaaaay.

After the mall, I went out to walmart to pick up some yeast and then came home to bake two loaves of fresh bread. I like to bake/cook on sunday so that I have lots of stuff to eat during the week :)

Since then I've been cleaning, doing laundry, messing around online, and putting off homework... I'll get to that after I pick stewart up in a couple minutes. It's been a really great day and busy busy week and I'm excited to start the new week tomorrow- only 3 days of class! Hope your weekend was fun and best wishes for your monday :)



  1. You should give housewife classes or something, because I'd love to be half as productive as you. Fresh bread?! Never in my life.

  2. hahahahahaha housewife class! That's amazing and hysterical. You really are amazing though, sis. I have an idea for you to try- blueberry muffin with cinnamon-honey butter. pretty basic, but Josh had something along those lines the other day and holy smokes, it was amazing... maybe you could even turn it into some kind of blueberry cake or something... yum.