29 November 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Update

How were everyone's thanksgivings? Hopefully all family members arrived safe and sound, nothing got burnt, and everyone left feeling 5 pounds heavier. I know I did. I don't want to bore you with a whole rundown of my glorious 5 day weekend... but I'm going to anyways. ha!

my ridiculous family in our tiny kitchen...

Stewie and I left Tucson around 9 am on wednesday and picked up my grandma in Casa Grande. When we got up to Prescott we went out to lunch at a cute greek place downtown called Pasquales Place. I got dolmades and a cup of potato leek soup. So, so delicious. Then we dropped my gma off at my aunt and uncles (where she was staying for the weekend) and stewie and I headed to my house to wait for my parents to get home. The rest of the day was pretty lazy.. I made 2 pies in the evening (a pecan and a pumpkin that was probably the best pumpkin pie in the entire universe. I'll have to make it again so I can take pictures of it and post it for the world to see), my grandpa arrived in the late afternoon, we picked my sister up from the shuttle station, and the 6 of us ate a delicious veggie lasagna dinner. Stewart and I decided to meet up with a few of our friends at starbucks, and we spent a couple hours chatting and hanging out before going home to get some sleep.

On Thanksgiving morning, we woke up around 9:30 and hung around in our pjs for a bit. After showering and getting dressed I got started working on some rolls for dinner (I used PW's awesome parker house roll recipe. dipped in butter and everything). My aunt and grandma came over for a light mediterranean lunch of marinated green beans, hummus, pitas, roasted red peppers, feta, and kalamata olives. After that, my mom made a yummy vegan stuffing and some equally yummy very un-vegan mashed potatoes. My dad took care of the turkey (although, as happens every year, we underestimated the time that it would take to cook and ended up eating about 2 hours later than planned haha). Stewie, my sister, my dad and I all played cards for an hour or two while waiting for the food to cook which was quite a lot of fun. We finally ate around 6:30 and everything was delicious. After dinner we sat around a fire in the living room and ate some of the (4) pies. Before long everyone left to go home and stewie and I headed to his mom's house in hopes of using the hot tub, but unfortunately we found (after waiting for an hour inside in our swimsuits) that it was broken and never going to get above 50 degrees. big bummer :( so we went home and got into pjs instead.

On friday stewie and I went downtown to cuppers and then walked around the square and to the bridge we used to hang out at in high school.
  That was our date of the week so I'll post more pictures later. After that, we went home and met up with my parents and sister and went out to the movie theatre to see HP VII P1 (for the third time for me and stewie). The we went back downtown and did the art walk that takes place on the fourth friday of every month. It was really fun :) Stewie and I stayed in that night and just played cards and watched tv.

On saturday, my mom and I took stewie to his mom's house for her thanksgiving dinner, and then my mom and I went to an empty church parking lot and she showed me how to drive stick shift on my new car (my aunt and uncle sold me their old subaru outback). I stalled it a few times, but after a while I got the hang of it. My dad and I went out and drove it a bit later in the day, and then again on sunday. I didn't take it back to Tucson with me, but I will when I come back down here from winter break. Anyways, we had a light early dinner and then took my sister to the shuttle so she could get back to california. Around 5:30 I went downtown to meet stewie for the light parade and we met up with a couple of our friends to watch it. We went into my old work (mama edda's pizzeria) and I got to say hi to all my wonderful old coworkers. We then went down to starbucks and got some apple cider (and met up with more friends). Stewie and I drove around town a bit and looked at the city lights, and then headed home with the intentions of going back out in a little bit. Stewie started feeling sick, though, so we spent the night in and went to bed pretty early.

Sunday we went out driving again, and then came home and had a light lunch of soup, salad, and bread in front of the fire. Stewie and I packed up and then burried our time capsule in the backyard to be dug up in a year. Then we had to hit the road... sadly we got into a minor fenderbender on the outskirts of phoenix but other than that the drive was pretty uneventful. There were a couple serious accidents on the highway but they only delayed us about 30 minutes. We finally got back to Tucson around 9:00. And now it's back into the swing of things... although I wish I could just sleep through the next two weeks! I'm so not in the mood to take tests and write papers. Oh well. Soon it will be the 15th and I'll be back on my way up to prescott.

Anyways, thanks for sticking around if you read that whole thing, I know it was really long haha. I'll be back later today with a movie monday. Hope your weekend was lovely!

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