22 February 2011

temporarily under construction

Hey guys,
bear with me over the next few days as I revamp the look of this blog! I'm trying to do everything from scratch and not use any pre-made codes or anything, so it could take me a while... but rest assured everything will be way more awesome in the end! so if you stop by here and you notice something looks really strange and awful, i
i'm probably just knees deep in html codes experimenting- so don't worry :)

also, i don't see any reason why i wouldn't be able to keep posting as usual, things will just look a little different :)

talk to you again soon!
<3 Em


  1. Lu! Good luck on your new web site! Speaking of websites - check out this (I have a few things to fix on it, but at least it is up....)

    Lots of love, sweetie.

  2. Do I notice a new header? Good luck with your code experimentation!