08 February 2011

A Mexico Winter

Yes, I am FINALLY getting around to telling you about my mexico trip. a month later. it's been busy, ok? and editing all those photos is no quick and easy feat!!

This is going to be more of a picture post that an explain-y post... I'll basically just give you a quick rundown of the best moments :)

My family was in mexico for a spiritual sufi retreat. We flew into peurto vallarta and spent one day there. We had dinner on the beach and walked around a bit and slept at a really cute and low-key hotel. The next day we had breakfast at a nice open-air place and then walked around some more- and then that afternoon we went back to the airport to meet up with our group. There were, oh, about 30 of us... and we all piled onto a tour bus and drove about 1.5 hours to Chacala, a really wonderful and really small rural jungle town nestled right on the beach. The retreat center was about a five minute walk from the actual town, and was so BEAUTIFUL!!!! open air dining area, wonderful rooms, a garden, a beautiful spa... rural but at the same time luxurious. it was probably one of the most amazing places I have ever been.

Anyways, we spent a full week there- the food was fantastic, the sufi stuff was enlightening, the ocean was beautiful and a great temperature, and the people were all so wonderful! My sister, myself, and the only other young girl there made friends with a bunch of the people that worked there. One night we hung out up at the spa with some baby pacificos, another night we made a campfire on the beach... it was such a wonderful, fun time, and the people were so awesome :)

speaking of baby pacificos, it was really nice being able to go to a restaurant or the bar at the retreat center and order something to drink :) I had a really delicious pina colada when my fam went out to dinner one night, and i swear the coronas taste better in mexico. haha^^

I spent a lot of time laying out by the beach reading, listening to music, writing, etc... we took a hike up the mountain one day which felt sooo good and was really beautiful.

I seriously can't wait to go back. I had such an amazing time and I really want to see everyone there again! hopefully i'll be able to go back for many years to come.

Here are (a ton) of pics:

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