08 February 2011

mint nail polish! and 30 day challenge-18

 Last night, i dreamed that i painted my nails with mint green nail polish. Then, at the store today, i saw some! So i bought it and painted my nails haha. What is with mint green nail polish anyways? why is it a trend? i mean, its cute, but its still an awfully weird color to put on your nails.

anyways, today's challenge is:
Day 18 – Something that makes you laugh.

do you guys like how i've managed to stretch this 30 day challenge into like 45 days? haha.

there are lots of things that make me laugh... so here are just a few:

1. Eddie Izzard's Dressed to Kill performance. I love his british historical humor.
2. Nick Swardson. Any of it.
3. This picture of me trying to take a picture of the 2010 drawing on my ankle last year:
4. textsfromlastnight.com
5. a lot of the people that post on craigslist
6. natalie tran's community channel:

7. Viral Video Film School:

8. Family guy. Cliche, but it's so good.
9. the 211 video i made last year.
10. psych. probably one of the best shows ever, i'd say. also parks and recreation.

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