01 February 2011

30 Day Challenge- 16

Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music.

Stewie and I were just talking about this this other day, actually, when a mumford and sons song came on the radio.

We are both agree that mainstream music is typically mediocre- poor lyrics, crappy instrumentals, no creativity, and a very high chance that the artist neither wrote the song nor can sing it half as well live. so, we've grown to pretty much automatically dislike mainstream music, not only because of the above reasons but because it's just generally "uncool". It's much more hip to like indie underground stuff that has some soul to it.

Plus, these indie bands aren't "sell-outs", like so many mainstream artists- meaning, they didn't compromise the message they wanted to send or the style they were going for in order to appeal to the masses and get famous and make lots of money.

But then there's always the dilemma of some of our fave indie bands becoming mainstream. For a long time Kings of Leon and Modest Mouse and bands such as these were mostly unknown to the general public... but now you hear their songs on the radio very frequently. Do we stop liking them just because they're more mainstream? well, that would seem silly and shallow.... so as long as their music is still good, i keep listening.

So in summary- I don't like most mainstream artists and I do like a large number of indie artist. When an indie band gets "discovered" and becomes mainstream, it's ok but only if their music is still good and they haven't compromised their style.

The end :)

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  1. I find it interesting that after listening to the popular music today I now enjoy the popular music from a few years ago. The same music that a few years ago, when it was popular, I disliked. I don't account this to any personal vendetta against pop music, but to the actual quality of the music between now and then. At least back then they had actual lyrics that actually meant something. Even if I didn't like the lyrics or the message I appreciate them far more than the songs coming out now simply because they tried. Now there are hardly any lyrics at all and a severe lack in musical talent. Just look at how much "Now That's What I Call Music" has changed since it began:


    Also, I would like to clarify that I don't listen to Indie Music because it's the cool thing to do, and in fact I listen to a wide selection of artists from many different genres. Indie music is just so broad a genre (being simply defined as "independent label") that there is an abundance of great music coming out of it. I certainly don't like every Indie band that comes out, but never the less, I'm pretty sure that Indie music takes up a majority of my current music library.