14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

happy V-day :)
V-day used to seem like a big deal to me back in highschool. I would make really sweet, personalized gifts for whoever I was dating at the time, we would go out to a perfect dinner, he would get me flowers and candy and all sorts of other cliche gifts- at least that's how I thought it should be. Now though, valentines seems a little silly. Why only celebrate your love one day out of the year? Stewie and I are always doing nice things for each other on a daily basis, so valentines doesn't seem like it should be that different.

Anyways, I still love any chance to celebrate a holiday so I'm decked out in a pink dress and grey and pink thigh high socks^^
I made stew breakfast this morning (egg-in-a-hole. have you had it? it's delicious. It's also called bird's nests I think), and in about 15 minutes we're going to go to the zoo. And that's our big valentines date! Cute, isn't it? Neither of us have a ton of money, especially since xmas was just 2 months ago- but the zoo is only 7$ a person, and seriously- so much fun.

Tonight we might go to dinner but we'll probably just split the cost :) simple, easy, fun, sweet valentines day. I'm excited! What are your guys' plans for today?

Anyways, I'll be back with a movie monday later today- probably a list of a few of my favorite lovey-dovey movies- but for now I just wanted to wish you a wonderful February 14th. Hope it's lovely!



  1. Ummmmm...... We literally did the EXACT same thing for Valentines day! Josh and I woke up, made breakfast, went to the zoo (which was awesome) and then came home and split the cost of dinner. Our sister/sister connection is seriously out of control :)

  2. Your skirt is very cute.

    I've been looking at your blog and I must say, I enjoy your movie posts.


  3. @Jenny- right?! so crazy!!
    @aki!- thanks! I'm glad you like them, they're fun to do :) I checked out your blog, it's pretty awesome^^