28 February 2011

Movie Mondays: The Jacket

 Today's movie monday is all thanks to my dear friend Marby, who loves this movie. It's another one of those psychological thriller type movies- am I getting too predictable for you guys? I promise a non-mind-f*ck movie for next week.
The Jacket stars Adrien Brody as Jack Starks, an amnesiac gulf war veteran who is wrongly accused of shooting a police officer and ends up getting sent to a mental institution. The institution practices some controversial and experimental therapy, though, such as strapping its patients into straight jackets in the middle of the night and leaving them in body drawers in the basement morgue. Pretty creepy, right? Especially if you're not actually crazy but everyone around you keeps insisting that you are.

While left in the jacket, Starks begins experiencing some flashbacks to the incident that led to his arrest as well as flashforwards in which he literally seems to be traveling to the future. He comes across Jackie Price (played by Keira Knightley), a lonely, alcoholic young woman who offers him a ride when he finds himself stranded outside the diner she works at on christmas eve.

As Jack wanders around Jackie's house, it soon becomes apparent that he is in the future- and he realizes that Jackie Price has information that could prove his innocence. Unfortunately when Jack tells Jackie who he is and that he has come from the past, she freaks out (understandably so), because she claims that Jack Starks has been dead for years. In fact, he died 4 days after being put into the jacket.

What ensues is a race against time and an avid search (while Jack is in the jacket and is transported to the future) to find out what was being practiced at the mental institution and what led or is going to lead to his death. It's a pretty crazy movie. Not exactly light hearted, but most definitely captivating.

Knightley and Brody are awesome in this movie. Except Keira always seems to have her mouth open in an apathetic pout. That's kind of annoying. But other than that she's great haha. It's a very intense film but definitely worth watching. I believe it's on netflix instant, or you can get it on amazon for like 50 cents used or 8 bucks new. check it out!

Here's a trailer:

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